Iphone 7 ghost touching

After replacing a screen for iPhone 7, I countered an problem that the screen has a ghold touch then I tried to examine whether the connector is excellent, clean the connector and reaffix it, everything seem ok however the gorganize touch concern is still exist.

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Any suggestions? Plz aid me, say thanks to you.

I have an Iphone 7 with similar worries. Everytime I would play a game, specific presses made various other locations of the touch display screen to be pushed! I tried whatever, from switching display screens , even thought around swirching digitzers. I finslly FIXED IT through the use of ELECTRICAL tape. I put electric tape on both sides of the Iphone after Opening it , making sure that no steel components were visible, and also IT WORKED! the ghosting problems are Nonexstent. Its the majority of most likely that a loosened screw fell under the motherboard causing an electrical shortage, .

hello Choyy Mengg have the right to i know just how to put the tape on the both side of the iphone

I had this difficulty for choose 5 days wbelow my touchdisplay screen would certainly simply press on random things that I wasn’t pushing and also it was unresponsive. But it gained resolved out of nowhere. One day it randomly stopped doing it and it hasn"t taken place ever before given that.

Amir Zand And exactly how is that helpful?

"Makabu-ang ni nga problema". This is what I did and also I currently common it to my Manager to confirm if it still works on his iPhone unit.

1.) If your influenced iPhone unit has through tempered glass already then please remove it.

2.) Clean the touchscreen from any kind of published marks.

3.) Temporarily affix clear scotch tape on your iPhone"s entirety touchdisplay. It"s okay if it overlaps each various other because this is just to test.

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4.) Perform experimentation.

5.) If you think your difficulty is gone then remove all the scotch tape, clean then discover plastic form screen protector then let experienced male to affix it onto your touchdisplay screen.

6.) Much much better if you affix initially the plastic type display screen protector then cover it through the glass tempered. Maybe by this you"ll understand additionally what"s the reason of this certain annoying difficulty of iPhone systems. Worst situation also is defective LCD or touchdisplay screen.

That"s all for now and also possibly it helps to deal with your problem.

To God be the Glory.., all the time!

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Hello Kaye,

Defective display assembly, flex cable or pin damage and imcorrect seating have the right to all be reasons of gorganize poignant.

Temporarily hook your display to the logic board and also power on your phone without seating the display screen within the housing; simply hold the display screen up over the phone while connected and also watch if you suffer ghold touching. If not, then the reason is most likely from imappropriate seating - possibly a cable is being pinched or the steel backplate on the LCD is touching a component in the phone wbelow it shouldn"t. Even look for a loose screw that may be lodged somewbelow in the phone. Also inspect to see if the EM shield that covers the proximity/front video camera flex cable is in the correct orientation.

I have actually uncovered when replacing the iPhone 7 screen that the metal backplate does not constantly like to sit flush around wbelow the cables. Reassemble the display screen into the phone making sure every little thing fits properly.

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Hopefully your replacement component is great and also tright here is no connector damages. Likely, something is misaligned and also causing an electric short that disrupts the digitizer.