Iphone 6s charging port loose

For the past few weeks, I've noticed that my Lightning connector is rather loose, and also the charging cord quickly slips out. Safe bet this is something they'd deal with at the Apple Store? It's a 6S Plus, so it must still be under warranty.

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I had the same worry. Turns out tright here was simply many pocket lint inside of the port. Needless to say, I felt embarrassed after the Genius Bar fixed it.

Exactly this. It was all packed in at the bottom and also the connector wasn't fitting all the means in.

Luckily I noticed it before my appointment, so I spared myself that embarrassment. Took a thumbtack and picked it all out. Good as brand-new again.

Is the actual port in your phone loose or does the charging cable simply not stay in? If the difficulty is simply that the charging cable won't continue to be in, this occurred to me and also I was able to resolve it. The trouble was that tright here was a buildup of lint inside the port on my phone. It was difficult to see because it was all the method in the earlier and also the grey lint blfinished right in. This made it so the cable wasn't able to go much enough into the port to click right into place. I simply took a pin and closely dug all the lint out and also it functioned perfectly. Just be mindful when you do it.

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I run right into this so many kind of times a week when customers carry in their iPhone! Use a toothpick if you're going to dig approximately in tright here, execute not use tweezers and make certain you turn off the device. If you're using tweezers you deserve to cause a short if it's on.

This is why I'm constantly blowing furiously into my earphones jack and also lightening connector, those tiny holes require cleaning out. I likewise lug my Plus in a wrist bag pocket which is made of a silky fabric, almost totally lint-cost-free. Since it doesn't fit comfortably in any type of of my pants pockets anymeans. Still I'd choose to obtain one of those tiny little brushes you find anywhere genius bars, getting worn down of civilization asking why I'm blowing so strongly.

BE CAREFUL when cleaning debris from your lightning port, if you damage the connectors alengthy the bottom your gadget may speak charging all together. Then you'll be shit out of luck and looking at a 300$+ replacement fee because that form of damages isn't covered

For following time: Use isopropanol <99%> and also non conducting stick, a wood or plastic toothpick maybe. Dip the stick in the isopropanol and gently remove the lint. This will save you from two risks, Firstly - Using water might begin any create of corrosion in electric contacts, and also is avoided by isopropanol considering that it evapoprices in few secs, leaving no map.

Secondly - Using an insulating product will certainly prevent shorting of pins at the port.

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