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Does anyone have actually this issue? The bar on the bottom does not go ameans but alters color or gets weird favor in the second photo. Sometimes the text shown in the bar area gets moved over as soon as I switch home windows.

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What is wrong with my screen and also just how execute I settle it?

model: MG632LL/A

version: 10.2.1


Pics attached...


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Reset the iPhone. Hold the on/off and also house buttons together for around 10 seconds till the jiyuushikan.org logo design shows up.

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Thanks for responding. I tried that however my phone ended up wanting to restore. Now I have actually a couple light blue boxes in the middle of the grey. Hmm.

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You must try the reclaim.

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Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup - jiyuushikan.org Support

Also check Setups > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage (under Storage) and also be certain you have an absolute minimum of 10% of the iPhone"s full storage complimentary at all times.

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Hi there fox21,

Sorry that worry is going through your phone, I"ve had actually that occur in the previous. This worry is more or less a "well-known issue" through the 6/6 plus - in which jiyuushikan.org provided to recommfinish a display replacement, yet has actually given that switched to replacing your gadget for the expense of a display. This comes out to $149 plus taxes at your local jiyuushikan.org keep. The just point barring them from doing this "repair" would certainly be if liquid damages or a crack in the display screen could be discovered.

Book an appointment at www.jiyuushikan.org.com/retail/geniusbar to obtain this problem readdressed.

As there is no quick deal with at home for this problem, I would certainly host off in restoring the phone as argued by another user.


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Apr 11, 2017 10:13 PM

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