Iphone 6 flash not working after screen replacement

I dropped my phone and also shattered the display in a spectacular fashion. Both camages and also the flash operated after that occurred. I ordered new components from jiyuushikan.org and replaced the screen and also popped in a new battery just 2 days later

Now I"ve gained no flash! Didn"t realize exactly how often I supplied it as a flashlight until last night once I was trying to navigate a dark residence.

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Opened the phone earlier up today and also reseated all the connectors, consisting of the rear video camera, and also had actually the LED flash working best till I put it ago together, currently no flash aget, but cameras both work-related fine. Flashlight is easily accessible, simply doesn"t light the LED anymore.

Any principles what may be wrong?

I purchased a power button flex, however various other worries popped up while I was waiting for time to occupational on it. The display screen seems to have much less sensitive areas than others, I believed that was because of the display protector I added. The front cam ended up being intermittent, then went completely out. I also noticed 2-5 lines from the optimal of the screen showing up at the bottom. And last night the entirety display came to be non-responsive. I"m sending it out for some aid.

I"ll let you understand what the verdict is.

Hi trose95822,

I have actually the very same difficulty as well, after replacing my iphone 6 (no plus) screen, the flash stopped working. It does not job-related either in torch mode or in photo / video mode.

The rear video camera works well.

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When the torch switch is pressed, the flash flashes for a few moments, as in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqxVgYUj...).

I newly reput the flash however still have the exact same difficulty.

Did you control to deal with it??

Thanks in development.

I reinserted the midframe - ago glass purchased with small parts assembled for 3 iphone (2) iphone 8 plus and (1) iphone 8. All the over repairs left the rear flash just not working. Camers occupational fine. Any aid would be appreciated. These are not the original power volume flexes however aftermarket ones. Is the flex (mated) to the logic board prefer house buttons? and also any fixes various other than the one over would assist.





You have to attempt to rearea the Power Button Flex; it contains the Flash. It was more than likely damaged by the influence of the drop.

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Follow this overview.


trose95822 will be eternally grateful.

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