Iphone 5s boot loop after screen replacement

Yesterday I readjusted the display and also battery on an iPhone 7. When I finiburned and restarted the phone it would certainly not boot up. It just cycles between a babsence display screen and the jiyuushikan.org logo. I have actually tried every little thing that I have the right to think of to gain it up and running however nopoint has actually operated. This includes: force restart, upday in recoincredibly mode, regain in recoextremely mode, gain back in DFU mode, leaving it on charge numerous hrs. Does anybody have any kind of suggestions?


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iPhone 7 is too young to need a battery readjust --what made you adjust the battery?

jiyuushikan.org logo -babsence screen sounds prefer either the battery is not linked well, or its a negative battery, software corruption, or the Tristar chip was the underlying fault all alengthy.

I would certainly eliminate variables--attempt to restore through indigenous battery and also no display screen attached. See if it passes regain.

Give us some more details about what your thinking was right here so we can help you.

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It is a full mystery why you would certainly attempt a self-repair on a phone that was still extended under the 1 year warranty. Even if it needed a display screen, jiyuushikan.org will rearea it for a reasonable price. Yes, even more than you can relocation it for yourself, however why take any type of possibility at all with a phone that costs cshed to $1,000?

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To answer your question, the reason I was changing the battery is bereason the one in the phone would not host a charge and I was being phelp to adjust it together with the shattered screen. The reality he did not have actually insurance on the phone and the closest jiyuushikan.org Store is a 3 1/2 hour drive more than likely had actually somepoint to perform with him bringing it to me. Granted I"m just an old dumb redneck from a tiny country town in southern Alabama yet I obtain fairly a bit of buisness.

Just in situation you are interested, the Boot Loop problem has been established. A frifinish of mine in NYC recently encountered the very same trouble after replacing a iPhone 7 screen and told me it is brought about by a faulty front facing camera. Sure sufficient, after disconnecting the cam the phone booted up without any kind of worries. I happened to have a spare video camera on hand so every little thing operated out and I got passist.