Iphone 5s battery drain and overheating


What carry out you execute if you have an iPhone 5S difficulty and you desire it fixed appropriate now? You don’t desire to go to an Apple Store unmuch less you really need to, the support forums are challenging to search, and also your go-to family or frifinish technology geek is otherwise engaged. Fear not. We’re right here to aid, and also hopetotally we deserve to get your smartphone back to its ideal, or at least allude you in the best direction.

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Bug: Blue display of death

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Some people have actually run right into a dreaded blue screen of fatality bug which appears to be related to specific apps. If you are utilizing Pperiods, Keynote, or Numbers and also you are in a document editing, then pressing the Home button can reason the iPhone 5S to crash to a blue display, which is mostly followed by a reboot. Some human being are reporting this problem via various other apps as well, and also in serious situations it is causing a reboot loop. There’s a theory that the iPhone 5S is afflicted bereason it has actually a 64-bit processor trying to run 32-little bit software application (it’s the initially 64-bit phone). Developers are already updating apps to job-related with the brand-new processor more fluidly and Apple will most likely release an upday to settle it at some allude, yet in the meantime there’s no solution, just workarounds that have operated for some civilization.

(Editor’s Keep in mind by Jeffrey Van Camp: Our iPhone 5S below at DT has rebooted randomly a couple of times given that we acquired it in September, but we have actually not skilled a blue screen of fatality. Apps carry out crash even more commonly, but these are usually apps that haven’t been updated to iOS 7.)


Almethods make certain you earlier out of records before tapping that Home button.Disable iCloud sync for the iWork apps by going to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, and sliding Pages, Keynote, and Numbers to off.Try to usage apps that have been updated to take benefit of iOS 7. Apple has actually not updated Pperiods, Keynote, or Numbers. You have the right to tell

Glitch: Faulty sensors

iOS 7 Compass app Level

A lot of world are reporting that the sensors in the iPhone 5S are wildly inspecific. We discussed in our iOS 7 tips that you have the right to accessibility a soul level (Apple calls it an inclinometer) by swiping left in the Compass app, but it transforms out that it’s not working correctly. In truth, the compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope have likewise been malfunctioning for some world. The level of fault varies, but it does seem to be an issue that’s particular to the iPhone 5S.

(Editor’s Keep in mind by Jeffrey Van Camp: We have actually not had trouble via the sensors on our iPhone 5S, though we perform experience occasional ticks in the parallax effect on the house display screen, which moves the background of the phone to produce a 3D effect.)

Potential solution:

Your only option right currently is to take the iPhone 5S earlier to the Apple Store and also ask for a replacement, yet be warned, many customers that have done specifically that are reporting that their replacement iPhone 5S has actually the exact same issues. It’s not clear if this is a hardware or software fault. If it is software-related, we intend an update to deal with it, but till Apple acknowledges the issue, it’s an enigma.

Annoyance: Noisy and rattling buttons

A lot of human being have actually been complaining around the Home button clicking loudly and the Power switch rattling as soon as the iPhone 5S is shaken. People who saw obtain replacements, or tested various other iPhone 5S handsets, found the specific exact same rattle and also click was present. It’s just the method they’re created. Some civilization have reported a louder thudding rattle which could be led to by a loosened battery.

(Editor’s Note by Jeffrey Van Camp: From our suffer utilizing the iPhone 5S, the Touch ID Home button might have actually a slightly louder click and also the power switch does rattle if you put your ear up to the phone and shake, but these troubles didn’t bvarious other us. In fact, I never before noticed them until I read that others were annoyed by it. As for the battery worry, we have not encountered it, but it is not normal and also would be a severe problem.)

Potential solution:

Your just actual choice here is to take your iPhone 5S right into an Apple Store and present them. If it is a loosened battery then they’ll be able to solve it, if not then you may have to learn to live through the ‘noise.’

Glitch: The 5-second typing lag

Some people have complained of a typing lag after updating to iOS 7.1, via each letter taking about 5 secs to show up on display.


Reestablishing the phone by holding dvery own the sleep/wake and home butloads would certainly commonly do the trick. If it doesn’t, go to Settings>General>Reset>Recollection Keyboard Dictionary

Problem: iArticle not working


Apple’s messaging attribute has long been a resource of frustration, with complaints mostly focused on its incapacity to identify non-Apple tools. With the iPhone 5S, the attribute has actually actually gained worse, which is actually a surpincreasing advancement considering just how buggy it was in the initially place. Aside from vanishing message messages, a variety of people have reported that they have actually been unable to sfinish iMessages.


If you’re an iPost loyalist, you can restart your phone and hope for the ideal. If not, we would advise you to cut your losses and also just sfinish continuous message messeras. The answer to your problems deserve to be uncovered at Settings>General>Reset>Recollection Network-related Settings.

Problem: Can’t usage individual hotspots

After upgrading to iOS 7.1, some world complained that they have the right to no much longer use individual hotspots.

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If your phone has actually this worry, we’re afrassist to say that you’re out of luck. Right now, tbelow is no settle easily accessible. Apple’s support staff and carriers about the civilization seem to have a difficulty pinning down the resource of the malattribute, and also have instead resorted to passing the blame on each other.

Bug: Touch ID not functioning for iTunes purchases

Apple was quick to resolve this issue with a pest fix. The problem was that the iPhone 5S would not accept the user’s fingerprint to authenticate an iTunes purchase and also would certainly firmly insist on them entering their password.

(Editor’s Keep in mind by Jeffrey Van Camp: On our iPhone 5S unit, we perform need to enter a password eextremely 5-10 purchases. This is annoying, yet shows up to be intended for protection objectives. Hopetotally Apple will lax up on passwords even more later.)


This was addressed in the 7.0.1 update. Make sure you have it by going to Setups > General > Software Upday on your iPhone 5S. You can also hook up your iPhone 5S to your computer system and also check under Devices in iTunes and then tap Check for Upday.

Annoying: iBeacon proceeds working

The iPhone 5S’ iBeacon is a area function that alerts apps when you strategy or leave a place. The problem via it is it proceeds working even after you’ve closed an iBeacon-enabled app, which may be annoying if you don’t favor being tracked.


Tright here doesn’t seem to be any workroughly for disabling iBeacon. If you want to shut it down, you’ll have to revolve off location solutions on your phone altogether.

Glitch: Overheating and battery drain

A few people have actually reported their iPhone 5S overheating. This is generally related to the battery and also goes hand-in-hand with rapid battery drainpipe. In rare cases it might be resulted in by a hardware fault, yet it’s even more likely to be iOS 7 and/or a specific application. Tbelow are a pair of points worth trying to recognize and also fix the concern.

Potential solutions:

If you still can’t find the trouble then head to an Apple Store to make sure there’s no hardware fault.

Problem: Microphone not working

A lot of world have run right into concerns with the microphone not picking up their voice clearly. They can’t record voice notes in a specific application, or they can’t be heard in the time of calls. Tright here are a pair of possible reasons for this.

Potential solutions:

Make certain that you have actually removed the protective film from the screen.If the problem is via a specific application then make certain it has actually permission to usage the microphone in Settings > Privacy > Microphone.It’s feasible that your instance is interfering through the noise cancelation feature. Try using the iPhone 5S via the instance off, or head right into Setups > General > Accessibility and revolve Phone Noise Cancelation off to see if it provides a difference.

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That’s it for iPhone 5S problems and also fixes best now, but we will certainly update this write-up via new worries and also services as they aincrease. Please share your very own experiences in the comments. If you didn’t uncover your worry below then remember to check our iOS 7 troubles roundup prior to you go.