Iphone 4 memory card

Can I switch the 32g flash card that came on my iPhone 4 and upgrade to a bigger one? For instance, a 128g card?

*& cause apple know better although there making the the majority of it of any type of cell phone agency. Androids are stepping the game up with there new firmware. Here an idea why not downfill the iPhone firm ware onto the android. Instead of waisting bill money, once you can put pretty a lot how much memory you want in a android. Think fir a second. You will need to upgrade you iPhone any type of means reason they will speak sfinishing upgrades after a great while and also there"s goes mire bill money. Sad huh it renders no scents. And look at the economy currently. And plus I love my experia play by Sony. Check it out.

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So the just way to upgrade is to readjust from 16G to 32G.

== Upday ==

I mean readjust the entirety phone. Hihihi.

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So I can not upgrade my phone memory? s**t!!! Yea appropriate I"m going to buy a new phone

Also, guess why you can"t carry out this: in this method Apple can offer 32GB models $110 even more than the 16GB one.

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Dom and also Carl:

Tright here are no interchangeable "flash drives" that have the right to be swapped in between the tools. The flash memory chips are soldered into the logic board. I"m assuming you haven"t also gone as far as disassembling the 2, or else you would certainly have actually detailed this. With that in mind, don"t even think around soldering/desoldering ANYTHING within the iPod or iPhone.

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