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Hello, I have an iPad 2 running on iOS 9.3.5 and it was functioning normally up until about 2 weeks ago? The volume switch functions perfectly but instead of the usual volume symbol that pops up on the display indicating what level of sound its currently at, it"s reput through "sound effects" and tbelow are no bars that go up or down once the volume is lowered or raised, and also sometimes nothing shows up at all. It"s really frustrating bereason I can not watch any videos as the volume is muted unmuch less headphones are plugged in. I think this is many likely a software program worry and also I"m really hoping someone has got the answer!


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Hi nadiaco, Thanks for posting in the jiyuushikan.org Support Community, I understand the volume buttons on your iPad is displaying the Sound Effects level rather of adjusting the volume of things prefer videos. I"m happy to help. You"ll desire to make sure that the establishing for Change through Buttons is turned off. Here"s wbelow you can examine this setting: 1. Go to Setups > Sounds 2. Look for Change through Butlots. If it is engaged (green) tap to turn it off, then departure the settings application and test the volume butlots aobtain. If you still continue to have actually trouble via this, let us know. Take care.
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Hey, I tried that as well as reestablishing my settings, making sure my mute/lock configuration switch was on and also nothing seems to work? Do you think if I factory restored it would certainly it work? Thanks for the quick reply!

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Hey nadiaco, Thanks for that updated details. Those were excellent steps to try. Restoring it to manufacturing facility settings and also setting up as brand-new to test must occupational. You may want to attempt a much less invasive step initially. You can reinstall the iOS software application on your iPhone. This need to not influence any of your information, but it is always a best exercise to make certain you have actually a current backup in either iTunes or iCloud. How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Once you have a existing backup, follow the measures in the area titled "If your tool turns on yet gets stuck during start up" from the adhering to write-up. These measures will certainly reinstall iOS. Keep in mind that these actions were created for a different concern, but they will still aid us isolate the instance additionally. If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will not rotate on or is frozen Let us recognize how that works out. Cheers!