Ipad screen dark on one side

Customer sent out this is for routine display screen replacement. They swear it didn't have actually any type of problems once they sent it in. I don't remember because the glass was all cracked. We replaced the assembly and also sent out it back.

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Now we have actually this issue:


This happens through brand also new, well-known excellent screens. Any concepts why? Different companies even bring about the exact same dark wavering point.

Is this a recognized issue? I'm not sure how to also Google this.


Ipad air and air 2 have actually two backlight circuits via all LEDs on the left side. The LEDs alternative in between circuit a and circuit b. This is an instance of one of those circuits being damaged while the various other is not. Many most likely one of the backlight filters was blvery own once connecting the screen via battery associated.

Good to recognize. I would suppose it to span the size of the display if half the LEDs were out, that's starray.

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If youve tested with known good lcd/screen assembly next step is inspecting under microscopic lense and also busting out schematics and also mulitmeter...not much else ya deserve to do

I've watched this before in an iPad 2. Generally clearances are a little bit also tight. The LED's are on that side, light being transmitted with the diffuser layer. So if you've got anypoint distorting how the backlight rests, then you would see that impact. Check for frame distortion through a ruler and also look at the adhesive your utilizing. Might be too thin leading to the LCD to sit a bit reduced in the structure.

Did inspect the frame and it's level, not seeing any distortion. I'm using a thin layer of adhesive and also the display is sitting perfectly flush through the framework edge. I think there's a damaged component on the board, given that it's doing this through different suppliers' assemblies. Thank you for that idea!

These waves deserve to also be caused by to much warmth throughout assembly. Might also be a refurb concern. Not certain on how "new" any kind of ipadair2 screen really is.

I feel like /u/Reformattnoosa is closer to the ideal answer.

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It looks choose a bad backlight strand also, practically prefer the diffindividuals aren't spreading the light evenly if you hadn't tried multiple carriers and screens I'd say just poor components.


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