Ipad is disabled connect to itunes to allow access please respond on your ipad

Tried a number of of my "usual" passcodes, but iPad ended up being "disabled" before I can attempt them all.

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Now it"s "iPad is disabled, attach to iTunes"

Connecting to iTunes via hold-home-and-plug-in-USB pops up iTunes via "Restore" or "Update".

Do NOT want to shed all information, there are more than likely photos on there that are not backed up.

Is tbelow ANYTHING I can do?

I"m not even certain which variation of iOS is on there, but it"s 8.something...

If I might simply obtain a few more attempts to enter PIN, I would figure it out eventually.

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Can I jailbreak it in this condition? Somehow pull the information prior to Restoring/Updating?


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asked Aug 17 "15 at 19:09

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I heard that Jailbreaking it might occupational, it"s most likely your just choice to salvage the information on the iPad. Normally, I would certainly never also imply Jailbreaking, yet in this case, it"s more than likely your only option. I"ve never done it and also have actually no interemainder whatsoever in Jailbreaking, so I can not tell how to carry out it, what to use, or also if it will certainly for sure work-related, however it"s worth a shot.

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answered Aug 17 "15 at 19:38

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Jailbreaking is unlikely to aid in this case.

When you have entered the passcode incorrectly 10 times, the gadget becomes entirely disabled. Prior to this, you deserve to occasionally connect the device to iTunes and also have actually iTunes reset the passcode lock respond to so that you can try again, yet, as soon as the 10th incorrect enattempt has been made, your gadget will certainly be permanently locked, and will certainly just be able to be used if the tool is erased to factory settings in iTunes.

The unfortunate thing is that tbelow is no means to recoup the data on the tool once it has actually been activation locked. If the tool was signed right into iCloud, you may have the ability to recuperate things such as contacts, photos, calendars, and also messperiods, if the sync option was permitted for these items. Quite often, you will certainly find much of the data you are many involved about is also scattered throughout other solutions, such as email, social media, and also other cloud storage services if you have actually made usage of such points.

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If the gadget was backed up to either iCloud or iTunes, you might have the ability to gain back the backup, and also assuming your passcode attempts were made accidentally (or by curious children) you can attempt to accessibility the gadget aget with all of your data if you have the right to remember the passcode stored in the backup.