Ipad colors distorted

My little bit sister dropped my iPad 2 on the floor. The colors on the screen are a little bit out of their normal shade. The display screen looks a little additionally like an old variation of a t.v. through scratching lines. The key-board is green. Once you unlock the iPad the screen looks like the colors of a 3-D screen. Help please! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UXfSdG-CwYU

I left my iPad in the vehicle and it overheated then chasing my display to be distorted in shade. I let it cool off for a while in hopes that"s what it was. Whacking it really helped. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!






A difficult smack on the back--left side will certainly collection it right---for currently. Ultimately you"ll must open up that sucker up and properly re-seat the LCD cable.

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Omg it actually worked!!! Don"t think this is a hoax--dropped iPad last night and colors were totally off. Three good whacks to the earlier left and totally back to normal! Wow!

OMG indeed! I dropped it in its instance and also the colors were totally off, scrambled, it wasn"t usable. Ten whacks to the upper middle left and presto! Woohoo! Saved me an expensive repair bill. GREAT advice!!!

So I just knocked my iPad off the side and my screen went very fuzzy and also the colours readjusted,I review this and I smacked it a few times on the ago and nopoint seemed to have actually occurred,I then smacked all components of the earlier of the iPad,I turned it earlier round and also it had looked favor nothing had actually occurred but as soon as I was scrolling dvery own to review a couple of even more of the suggestions,I had actually started panicking at this suggest however I was scrolling dvery own for even more for approxametly 20 seconds,I looked ago at my display screen to attempt one more tip and also then it was SUDDENLY back to normal if not much better I 100% recommfinish trying this as it functioned an absolute dream for me x

Yooooooooo this is crazy however me and my roomate were making crazy videos and my ipad fell...began gaining distorted. I believed it was done for. I joked that if i simply slapped it prefer it dropped probably it would magically job-related. Googled ipad screen troubles and discovered this website. Blvery own amethod at all the actuall responses to simply smack it....butttteerraa ya girl did it and also my baby is earlier in business!!! Took about a min little it worked!!!!!!!!!! Hallellujah

Someone please I require somebody’s aid NOW! My iPad Air 2 just dropped this particular day and I can’t gain it solved, while I was watching YouTube videos, I assumed that the colors looked weird, and also that was I thought. My whole iPad has actually been punimelted through blue, pink, fuzzy green, and red colors. I was looking up below, and also the just way is to smack and whack it. I tried it and it can’t execute the trick. I did it virtually 100 times about whacking it, yet it simply made it worse. Please aid me below, I can’t resolve flashing colors.

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this is for IPads... the phones are more sturdy and also have different set up... take it for repair... to have the display screen cable securely connected.

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wow, i was beginning to panic

i did both a few solid slaps and a couple of punches (but hitting through the soft squishy part of my fist not my knuckles) but that didnt acquire me all over, so after analysis through all these comments i though, eincredibly one is saying to hit it solidly on the left hand also side, so i took a hit near the bottom and also the on the top of the ipad (on the ago obviously) with the squishy part of my fist and boom, all the colours clicked back right into area

looks live ive acquired to begin taking better care of this thing XD

Believe it or not,it’s really operated after 10 times of hard smack!Dropped my ipad 2 yesterday and also came across this solution!Thanks,God it’s resolved and back to normal currently :)

No, attempt dropping it. Preferably on carpet and also not from too high. I believed it was weird too however it worked for me.

My Grandfathers iPad has actually weird colors on it it is kinda of choose it is inverted but I can still see the original colors I tried hitting really hard on the back multiple times yet it is not working and I hit it eincredibly where

Just woke up to my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 doing the exact same old TV flickering. Give the earlier 3 smacks through my palm, excellent as new again! Thanks!

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