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One of the coolest points you deserve to execute through a jailbroken gadget is to change the device font to somepoint a little bit more exotic than what you’d commonly observe on a stock handset. But not all font-swapping tweaks assistance Apple’s latest A12(X) handset ranges.

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Here to assist with the dilemma above is a brand-new cost-free jailbreak tweak release dubbed A-Font by iOS developer Baw Apple.

As shown in the screenshot examples above, A-Font lets you customize your iOS device’s system font much choose popular existing tweaks like BytaFont. The tweak impacts simply about eextremely circumstances of text on your handcollection, consisting of the Home display, the Status Bar, text within apps, and also text on webpages.

Upon installing A-Font, you will certainly uncover a devoted preference pane in the Settings application wbelow you can configure A-Font to your liking:


Here, you can:

Toggle A-Font on or off on demandChoose your wanted font

The developer gives a Restart SpringBoard button in the choice pane so that you can save your alters on demand. A respring is essential to append various fonts, so you’ll want to make use of this switch any type of time you adjust your mechanism font.

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From what we have the right to tell, A-Font is specifically lightweight. It doesn’t appear to bog down our iPhone 6 any, and also so we’d only intend zippier performance on newer handsets, such as the iPhone X and later on.

If you’re interested in trying A-Font for yourself, then you can downfill it for cost-free from Baw Apple’s beta repository in Cydia or Sileo. If you aren’t already making use of this repository, then you deserve to add it to your package manager of option using the following URL:

http://repo.rpgfarm.comA-Font functions on all jaildamaged iOS 11 and 12 devices.

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Have you customized your iOS device’s mechanism font with A-Font yet? Let us know just how it went for you in the comments section below!




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