Ios 10 ringtones

I"ve purchased one song from iTunes formerly, via the sole intent of setting it as a ringtone.

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Now I"m setting up a brand-new phone, go through Settings - Sounds - Ringtone - Store, and also locate my song, but it just says Play or Downfill. The option to set it as a ringtone is gone, what am I absent here?

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Re: How deserve to get my ringtones I had actually on my other iPhone 4s ??

Ringtones are a one-time only download from the save - and depending upon what nation that you are in you can not have the ability to redownpack music and/or music video purchases. If you are in a nation wbelow music and/or videos can be redownloaded (and also you haven"t changed countries since buying them and they are still in your country"s store) then they will certainly show in the Purchased tab in the iTunes store application on your phone.

For the ringtones, carry out you have have actually duplicates of them in the Tones component of your computer"s iTunes library and/or on your backup of your downloads/library? If you perform then you have the right to sync them to your brand-new phone from your computer. Or carry out you still have actually your old phone via them on? If you carry out then you deserve to attach that to your computer"s iTunes and also execute Data > Devices > Transfer Purchases to copy them over to your computer system so that you have the right to sync them.

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Mar 15, 2017 9:10 AM

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Mar 15, 2017 9:22 AM in response to elcpu In response to elcpu

I don"t have an concern downloading the song again, I deserve to delete and downpack it as a lot as I want, but I am unable to set it as a ringtone. I can not even purchase it aacquire, to set it as a ringtone.

I"d love to have the ability to collection it up aacquire, without making use of iTunes.

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Mar 15, 2017 9:22 AM

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Mar 15, 2017 9:42 AM in response to StianKarlsen In response to StianKarlsen

You have the right to not use a song as a ringtone. You can convert a component of the song to a ringtone and also usage that. Tbelow are a variety of apps in the app store for both iOS and also macOS that enable it to be done very quickly, a number of them totally free. Or, you deserve to do it utilizing GarageBand also on a Mac.

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Mar 15, 2017 9:42 AM

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Mar 26, 2017 10:29 AM in response to StianKarlsen In response to StianKarlsen

Ringtones have the right to not be any type of longer than 30 secs and should be in the format of .m4r.

SO you can usage an app to rotate your song into a ringtone, or you deserve to carry out it yourself sensibly easily and also for free.

1. First, listen to the song and number out which 30-second (or much less, most of my ringtones are around 20 seconds because, really, execute you let your phone ring that long before answering it?) snippet you want for your ring tone, then

2. Right-click, select get information, then options, and set your start and finish times to that snippet.

3. Then copy the song to a brand-new format by clicking File >Convert and choose a various format (for instance, if the song you downloaded is an MP3, pick AAC, or vice versa if it was an AAC select MP3) it does not matter which as long as it"s DIFFERENT from the original.

4. Highlight your copy and right-click and select "present in finder" (or if you"re a windows user it could say show in file explorer) the concept is to discover that file OUTSIDE of iTunes and also change the brand-new format extension from either .aac or .mp3 to .m4r

Then you can either drag that new file into the Ringtones folder in your Library folder, OR just reimport it into iTunes and it will instantly put it in the ringtones folder. Remember to then remove the shortened copy from your Library (yet you do not should relocate it to the trash) and also then re-edit the original to put the start and also end times ago so you still have actually your purchased song.

That"s it - then you deserve to sync that brand-new ringtone to your iPhone and also usage it.

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TIP: The latest iOS does NOT SHOW the Ringtone setting for any individual call UNLESS you tap on the Edit button at the top ideal, then you deserve to view and readjust the Ringtone establishing.