Disney may be riding high on their computer animation, Star Wars and Marvel, but that"s not whatever going on in their kingdom. Later this year, they"re releasing the highly anticipated musical adaptation of Into the Woods, which stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt and Chris Pine. Musical fans have along been singing the songs from the present, which blends a bunch of familiar fairy tales right into a bigger story, and also currently the hope is director Rob Marshall has actually brought some of that Chicago charm to the Tony award winning musical by Stephen Sondheim and also James Lapine.

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Disney"s very own magazine, Disney Twenty-Three, has actually Into the Woods on the cover this month and also, listed below, you have the right to obtain your first look at that and check out an exclusive excerpt from the feature inside, which tells some behind the scenes stories including one regarding Meryl Streep"s finger nails.

Here"s the cover of the latest concern of Disney Twenty-Three, complied with by an excerpt from the attribute by Jeffrey Epstein:


Beautiful may not be a word audiences will certainly use to explain Streep"s character who, for a lot of the film, resembles the hag from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But, always game to inhabit a brand-new character, the Oscar-winning actress used the 90-minute-to-two-hour procedure that turned her right into a shriveled witch, to be "Zen." "They"d put that same music on eincredibly day and also I simply kind of tranced out," she remembers. Kendrick challenged a various challenge—medieval garb. The actors was filming Cinderella"s wedding to the Prince (not a spoiler for any pertained to readers) at historical Dover Castle, a landnote for more than 800 years, which organized ago the French in the 13th century and also served as the headquarters for the Admiralty"s local command in the time of World War II. It"s likewise the site of the film"s "earthquake" (explaining that would certainly be a spoiler).

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During the scene, Kendrick was wearing among designer Colleen Atwood"s stunning costumes. "We"re trying really tough to offer this earthquake," Kendrick remembers. "And that wedding dress was tight so I felt the corset was gaining me a little loopy. By the finish of the day I kept burying my confront and I couldn"t soptimal giggling." The actors likewise had a great time via Streep"s (fake) fingernails. "She was wearing these blue press-on nails in one scene," Kendrick recalls, "and they would, favor, pop off. So she type of began this game, like a little Easter egg hunt. She was going to provide 10 bucks to anyone that could uncover one blue nail. I uncovered one blue nail, yet I never gained my 10 dollars, so Miss Streep, you owe me." "Yes, absolutely!" Streep laughs. "They would be sticking to assorted people"s costumes and we"d be earlier in the scene and also somebody goes, "Tbelow it is!" And they"d come up and then we"d paste it back on."

"I think that studio could still be littered with blue press-on nails because they acquired shed in the woods," Kendrick cracks. "And then I expect, what can you do?"

Into the Woods opens up Christmas Day. The brand-new problem of Disney Twenty-Three, which is published/produced by D23, Disney"s official fan club, is out shortly.