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I"m trying to open up the Metro variation of Net Explorer, yet it opens as a desktop computer app. It just goes from the metro interconfront to the desktop computer. How deserve to I perform this?



+ R and form gpedit.msc and also push enter.

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Navigate the tree to the area depicted in the screenswarm.


Now, double click on "Set exactly how web links are opened up in Web Explorer" and also change it appropriately. Read the assist message to understand also what it does. The choice immediately listed below it, "Open Net Explorer tiles on the desktop", may likewise be useful.

Note that in the second screenshot, the choice "Almethods in Net Explorer on the desktop", is precisely the oppowebsite of what you want, so you have to adjust it to "Almeans in Web Explorer" to always usage the ---Metro--- Modern version of IE.

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I simply figured it out. In Internet traveler click the setting "gear" in the height best alongside the star. Then click on internet choices. then click programs. Below "opening internet explorer" have actually it so the drop down box says "always in internet traveler on desktop" and the "open internet traveler tiles on desktop" box is unschosen. :)

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answered Dec 27 "13 at 22:27

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