Install windows xp on mac

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I have actually a mid-2011 iMac which was the first Mac designed for Windows 7 however you can install Windows XP on it by not making use of Boot Camp. I have actually always done this however now with High Sierra throughout Windows setup when I gain to the phase of picking the partition, its not tright here, it just shows the primary partition which HS is set up on. Tbelow should be 4 or 5 partitions and Partition 4 is the one to useHere is a video clip explaining how to install Windows XP while running High Sierra however I am unable to perform this
I don" want to usage VM or parallels I" hoping there is a basic occupational around utilizing Terminal or something favor thatI have actually actually achieved my goal by installing Windows XP while running El Capitan, then updating to High Sierra but I" worried about troubles in the long runHas anyone else had actually this suffer and also understand if there is a solution?

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....I think High Sierra has possessed my computer system...I simply tried to install Windows XP in El Capitan and the very same thing has happenedI fully erased the tough drive and also everything
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I think you have actually mistaken me, I developed a partition in Disk Utility and also formatted it, yet the options are "" or "" and also it gets formatted aobtain in the time of Windows setup where you pick FAT32 or NTFS. But once I gain to that stage the miscellaneous partitions are not tright here. There must be 4 or 5 partitions and you install on Partition 4However: I just remembered when I produced the partition (this time El Capitan) it sassist it failed yet after First Aid it appeared okay and also I continued only to obtain the exact same scenario as with High Sierra. So I deleted the partition and also did it aacquire. Now the initially time, I typed in the size which I don" normally carry out. 2nd time I dragged it through the mouse as I generally do, and currently its working and have actually just mounted Windows successfullySo perhaps thats a clue regarding why I can" install Windows XP directly from High Sierra, I don" know