Install microsoft office 2003 with product key

I have adjusted my old PC Windows 10 for a newer PC Windows 10. I still have the older PC. I Office 2003 on the older COMPUTER, and I am trying to install it on the newer PC. I have the correct 25 digit product essential from the older PC, however the newer PC will not accept it.
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Replied on March 22, 2020
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OK, so much for the straightforward deal with.


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Yes, in most of the cases I would certainly mean Office to proceed to work on the old computer.


Anvarious other "obvious" deal with is make sure you are cautious about reading and keying the product essential ...


Invalid Product Key – Invalid characters

I have this quote from a 2010 support web page. I can not say for sure that it applies to later on versions, yet it probably does. > (sorry, the page has actually been redirected and “improved”)

Check the numbers and also letters on the product key:

·the number eight (8) deserve to resemble a capitalized B,

·the number zero (0) deserve to resemble a capitalized O or Q

·the number six (6) and also letter G

·the letters V V and also letter W

Office 2010 Product Keys do not Contain following Characters:

·· Numbers: 0 1 5

·· Letters: A E I L N O S U Z

You might likewise usage one of these tools to "extract" the product vital from the old computer

Copy the report to the new computer

Copy and paste the characters only (not the dashes) from the report right into the activation home window for the "new" computer.

Tools to Extract Product Key 2015 10 01 - Resee 22 Free Tools

You deserve to use any kind of of the complying with devices to extract the Product Key from you computer. These tools report on many type of installed programs on your computer, not simply Office.


PS: you should save a copy (printed and/or file duplicates on exterior storage devices) of the report(s) created by these devices so you have every one of your product keys / registration numbers accessible for future re-installs


FYI: I (Rohn) have not tested these devices in Windows 8 or 10 (just haven’t had actually an excusage to make/waste the time), yet I don’t suppose any difficulty. The underlying mechanics of Windows 8 are essentially the same as Windows 7 if you neglect the Metro User Interface. Think of metro as “lipstick on a pig”. The pig is not changed by adding a tiny paint on the surchallenge.


NOTE: these devices no longer work for Office 2013 and also 2016 after MS “improved” the method the key is stored on your computer. You deserve to currently just extract the last 5 char of the crucial, sufficient to complement to the real product essential you have actually tape-recorded elsewhere.



NOTE: OEM (manufacturing facility install and also activated) licenses use a various essential than the one reported. Only the factory deserve to use the PK from the original manufacturing facility activation. You would certainly have been provided through a separate piece of paper via a Product crucial for reactivation.

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ProduKey might be able to extract product vital information from a file saved externally. This is helpful if you’re trying to get the vital details from the backup of a currently defunct machine. Try the /Regfile option.


After installing on my system, I ran the programà AS ADMINISTRATORß and also thenclicked on Data à Select Source. Once in this menu it may show up a tiny overwhelming, don’t issue it’s not that complicated and your not going to break anything else. Select the circle alongside “Load the product keys from exterior Software Registry hive”. Now from right here you might need to browse to a slightly various area depending on wright here your windows.old folder is situated, however you desire to basically browse to the following and open this file:



After opening this file choose ok; you might have to wait a couple of minutes for it to fill the hive and offer you your tricks, yet if they’re there you should see them and also be able to fresh install your MS Office.

Please note that this did work-related for my Office 2007, it also provided me my Vista Home & Personal Key, and also Internet Explorer... lol! I hope this helps someone else too! And remember backup prior to you do any kind of upgrading/downgrading/or destruction to you COMPUTER.


Belarc - not only doesBelarcextract product keys, it reports on a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff you want to understand. Printing the report, or saving it is more than likely an excellent principle.Win 95-Win8, V8.4



Superscripts f and g say:

·f. The complete product crucial is not stored on this computer system. However, the characters presented uniquely determine your product crucial.

·g. You have the right to have Windows save the full product key utilizing the procedure at

NOTE: The procedure defined in the link in “g” is excellent for Office 365, and also MAYBE (I can’t confirm) virtual purchases of Office 2013. It does NOT occupational for Office 2013 Pro Plus! (which I have actually )


"Normal" retail Office liceness enable you to install on 2 or 3 computers at the same time.

Is tright here any kind of opportunity you have an "OEM" kind license. It allows install on just one computer system at a time, and no transport. On the old computer system, go to Data, Aid, About. Look for "OEM" in the "Product ID".


Other than that it MAY be feasible that MS has lastly blocked activation of Office 2003. This is only speculation. I have not watched any type of other point out that this has actually taken place.

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****"We might think we have actually delegated a regime job to an infallible computer - however in fact we've sindicate gained a lever via which to magnify humale error to a dramatic scale." .