Install fonts without admin

I recognize you have the right to put tradition fonts in say C:WindowsFonts and applications will certainly be able to discover and also usage them. However this is just feasible when you have administrator access to the machine, which is seldom the instance in mutual environments.

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Is tbelow a general way to use custom fonts from some various other area suitable for non-admin users? If not, is tright here any type of manner particular for Adobe Fireworks (CS3) and also Office 2007?

I"m interested mainly in XP and Vista, however a solution that functions for other Windows versions would certainly be excellent.



Adding and rerelocating system fonts is an Administrator job, and will be denied to customers that don"t have actually the admin pergoals (Power User is actually probably enough), as they might really mess up Windows by deleting or replacing traditional mechanism fonts. :)

You could provide the users write accessibility to their WindowsFonts folder, and that will certainly let them install fonts.


Using practice fonts without administrator privileges is possible through the platcreate (introduced in version 10.0).

To usage tradition fonts:

Copy the font records to the PortableAppsPortableApps.comDataFonts brochure. Create this folder if it does not currently exist.


Close and also rebegin the platdevelop.



The fonts have to currently be usable in various other applications while the platform is running.

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Tbelow is a workapproximately I"ve offered on XP; I can not say if it works on various other Windows versions.

If you double click any kind of font file, wherever before it"s saved, you"ll acquire a ptestimonial home window. Until you close this window, the font will be available for usage in various other apps, although a few might require refounding.

I believe this functions bereason the pevaluation immediately and temporarily installs the font in order to render it, and this temporary installation doesn"t involve including the font to the Fonts folder, therefore does not need admin rights.

Edit: Just tested copying a font file"s shortcut right into the Fonts folder, and also that appears to work-related for me also, but I"m sure I"ve tried it without success previously.


From Windows 10 17704 onward you"ll have actually the capacity to install fonts without admin rights

Font installation for non-admin users

Have you ever before wanted to use your own fonts from your account on a mutual college or work-related COMPUTER, but couldn’t bereason you didn’t have the administrator privileges required to install the fonts? Well, we’ve heard your frustration about this and have made some changes.

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In the previous, fonts in Windows have actually always been mounted for all customers. Due to the fact that that is a system-wide change, it constantly compelled admin privilege. The require for an admin was reflected in the user interchallenge. For example, if you browse in Documents Explorer to a folder containing a font file and also right-clicked on the file to lug up the conmessage food selection, then the “Install” choice would appear with the defense badge, which indicates that it requires an admin.