Insignia tablet wont power on

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I am having actually the very same problem. My tablet worked fine for the initially two days currently eextremely night it goes to sleep and will not wake up. I have to hold the power switch for about 20 secs to reboot it to get it to come on. This is not acceptable how deserve to I fix it?Insignia flex 10.1 Android tabletModel ns-p10a6100Thank you for your assist,Tee

Insignia™! Does the tablet simply randomly go to sleep and also refuse to wake up? Does it take place at particular times or just randomly? Do you gain any type of sort of messeras on the screen as soon as it will certainly not wake up or as soon as it ultimately transforms back on? Make sure the tablet always has a enough charge so we know it is not a battery related worry. Regards, Ryan Insignia™ Support

This happens eexceptionally time it goes to sleep, also if I simply rebooted and don"t acquire to the display swipe to unlock it, I have to reboot again. No messeras just a babsence screen and also no response to the power button till it is rebooted, then it comes earlier up as normal through no messeras.

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Hello Tee100, Thank you for responding! Do you know when and wright here the tablet was purchased? Do you still have actually the receipt? If you have the receipt and it was purchased at Best Buy, we will need to have you take the tablet into the store to the Geek Squad respond to for warranty evaluation. The tablet is not functioning effectively and the men at the Geek Squad will certainly get you taken care of. Regards, Ryan Insignia™ Support

Insignia™! I would be happy to aid you via your tablet. What concerns did you have actually via the tablet? Is the tablet not turning on? Can you acquire it to show anything on the screen? Regards, Ryan Insignia™ Support
MY tablet obtained stuck. I turned it off and also turned back on however it never did. I dont know what occurred. i tried to revolve on after charging it however it never before did.what do i do? and i dont desire to recollection it. deserve to somebody help me please?
Insignia™! Can you carry out the design number for your tablet? It have to begin through NS-. Place the tablet on the charger for at least a couple of hours, then try turning it on by holding the power button for a couple of seconds. Do you gain anything on the screen? Does it react at all? If it still doesn"t rotate on, connect the tablet to another outlet for a few hrs and try aobtain. Regards, Ryan Insignia™ Support

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I had actually the same problem. Try using a regular jpg for your desktop instead of the animated desktops. As soon as I switched, it operated fine. Haven"t had actually a problem given that. Hope this helps someone.

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