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I"ve been through this jiyuushikan.org for a while currently, and one thing I"ve noticed is that Infusium 23 is the RAVE. Everyone says its the ideal, and also I am exceptionally tempted to purchase it. However before, I found this jiyuushikan.org:http://nappturality.suddenlaunch2.com/index.cgi?board=hair&action=display&num=1067183386Apparently, Infusium drys out the hair, leaving it via a carpet texture Now... I"m simply perplexed.
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Infusium has actually a lot of protein in it. If you usage too a lot of it or as well often or don"t need alot of protein in your hair it will make your hair difficult. Only you will certainly know whether your hair requirements more moisture or protein. That"s why some assets will occupational wondertotally on some and also horrible on others. Tright here likewise some jiyuushikan.orgs stating the differences in moisture and protein. Hope that helps u some .
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Infusium 23 is a leave-in protein conditioning treatment,it"s concentrated so it can/may leave your hair dry and stiff. To prevent any dryness, dilute it with water.
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I dilute it in my moisturizing sprays so my hairdoes not acquire to soft and mushy. When I supplied it straight, my hairwas so dry and also damaged off really poor
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I use Infusium and I love it. I usage it roughly 3 times per week (a have to after washing while my hair is wet!) and it does wonders for my hair. I don"t endure breakage etc. I do not use the original formula though yet the moisturizing formula which is basically a watered dvery own version of the original formula so just dilute the original formula through distilled water if you"re acquiring problems.HTH
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