So. Hair dryers. For men, completely optional, except in the dead of winter once you have actually nopoint else standing between you and hypothermia. My nth hair dryer broke, so I was so sick of trying to shop for the finest one and also simply bought the first one I discovered, which was this. (Note: mine is not pink). That was 15 months ago, and this hair dryer has actually survived many abuse at my hands. It dries my hair sensibly conveniently, is a tad loud, and seems to not "damage" my hair from repeated usage. I guess it"s those tourmalines, though I have no concept how that works. Anymeans, surprisingly long-lasting and also effective for the price. Sometimes I wish it functioned much faster, yet that"s about my best complaint. The architecture is somewhat doing not have, but it is useful sufficient, and also if it"s too heavy for you....I"m not sure what to say. (Some of the other reviewers were pointing out its weight and also basic unwieldiness were problematic). 


Chicago, IL


Conair Infiniti Hair Designer is an excellent tool!

I prefer the concept of the Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Hair Designer. It is intended to be your one sheight for blow drying and straightening. The style is pretty creative. Tright here are three rollers that glide down your hair to straighten and also dry. One of the rollers is flocked through a velvet material. If you carry out not detangle your hair well before utilizing the Conair Designer, your hair will acquire stuck in the rollers. That is exceptionally unpleasant! It also gets exceptionally warm on the highest possible setting---to the suggest of burning your skin! It is a little of a dilemma because the high is too hot and the cool is as well low and the middle does not fairly dry quick sufficient. If Conair can work-related out the temperature problem, I would certainly provide it an extra star. There is a tension knob on the side that keeps tightens the rollers. For straighter hair, rotate the knob to 1. For kinkier textures, the knob have to be on the 4. Also, if you put many assets in your hair, you will need to clean it generally. I simply usage Q-tips.

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Manvel, TX


Love it

I was offered this gift for Christmas. Even though I didn"t need a brand-new one my aunt assumed that I did and also she obtained it for me. I was simply going to re-gift it and also hang on to it so I"d have actually a gift for somebody at some time if I essential one. Well, she took my other blow dryer ameans and MADE me use this one. Boy I am glad she did. I love it. I love the method it makes my hair feel afterwards. You wouldn"t think a different blow dryer would make your hair adjust but it does. Well, possibly it was for the product I was making use of on my hair and also the blow dryer however its still the very same point I guess. It didn"t frizzy out my hair like I have actually had a lot of them do in the past. Which is why I always HATE trying or buying new ones. So, acquiring one as a gift from somebody that I understand and trust renders it even better! It will certainly go with me on the trips and also relocate I arrangement on doing this summer. SO we will certainly see just how long it lasts and also holds up for me! I can constantly get one more one. 


Anchorage, AK


Sheer awesomeness!!!!!!

I have UNCONTROLLABLE hair, the frizz is just ridiculous to asuggest I greatly just wear a ponytail... yet this tool is awesome, wet ot dry (finest if wet) it will certainly rapidly take the curls out of your hair and also leave an excellent bounce to hair, periodically just my front will certainly curl up so it gives a perfect touch up, it cannot be abused also a lot since it does heat up your hair a lot but if you usage a GOOD warm protection product you are collection to go, I LOVE this product.


Melbourne, FL


Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Hair Designer hairdryer

Conair Infiniti tourmalene hair dryer is a fantastic gift concept, i have actually a teenage daughter whom obsesses with the mirror and acquiring her hair and makeup done, and also she is not a simple one to please, but with all her pickiness i still wouldn"t readjust a point, and also she loves this hairdryer. Our children thrive and also we watch them blossom before our eyes, and also as they thrive they require excellent products that they have the right to depend on and that will not break a paleas pocketbook, Conair supplies these products. Good top quality , excellent design, with a brand name you deserve to count on. A distinct hairdryer that you"ll wish you bought one for yourself also. A easy gift idea that all will certainly love, whom does not need a hairdryer, a great compact hairdryer is handy to have actually. Easy to usage, designed well and also straightforward to operate, gets warm sufficient to dry hair with multiple temperature settings. Conair has actually been around for rather awhile constantly reinventing it"s self via much better and simpler commodities. This is an excellent Christmas gift principle especially if you have actually a teenage girl on your shopping list this holiday seakid.


Monticello, KY


Two measures in one!

The Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Hair Designer is the perfect tool to provide you that perfect "execute that looks favor it took a really long time to understand. The enhancement of the straightener-comb component really gave me shiny right hair without all the work-related. Like various other reviewers, I blow dry my hair through the dryer only, until it is around 75% dry. Then I put on the attachement straightener-comb. This is when my style is developed. The attachment have the right to be put on at different angles, providing you the capability to straighten your entirety head comfortably. Just a pair of runs dvery own the strands of hair is all that it needs. The hot air from the breduced and also the comb attachment work beautitotally without harming your hair. You don"t require the straight warmth of a level iron straightener damaging your beautiful hair. The Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Hair Designer also saves you time through the straightener attachment and the blow dryer in one. You don"t require the added steps to gain shiny beautiful hair.


Lemont, IL


Conair Infiniti Tourmaline, awesome product.

I was looking for a great hair dryer through control frizz straighterner, because I have actually lengthy exceptionally frizzy hair.awesome product bereason safeguard your hair from warm damage and have adjusteady establishing to cater to any hair kind.I have had this hair drayer for more than 1 year.Great sturdy resolt usage it for wet or dry hair.


Bronx, NY


Its great yet not the best!

I have 2 hair dryers and also this is one of them. It has a few attachments, one is the staighner, it works pretty well for me but it could work-related better. The styling attachment functions perfect and I lok to use it to dry my roots really good! It does acquire alittle also hot and it starts to smell like its burning and its done that considering that I gained it!Other than that its really good! I dislike that you need to host the cold switch the WHOLE time. Grrr...


Sequatchie, TN


Couldn"t live without my Conair Infinity Straightener

I have actually lengthy exceptionally frizzy hair. I either need to straighten my hair everyday or go approximately looking like I"ve stuck my finger in a light socket. This is no exaggeration. My hair has actually a mind of its very own. I have actually owned numerous hair straighteners in the past however the Conair Infinity is by much the ideal one yet. It has actually multiple warm settings - from low to very high however for my hair it is constantly on the HOTTEST!! I use my Conair Infinity hair straightener eexceptionally day. I wouldn"t think of leaving home without straightening my hair with the Conair Infinity hair straightener initially. It is made of quality construction - believe me I really put them to the test. I have offered various other models and have actually damaged every one of them till acquiring the Conair Infinity. It heats up conveniently and does an excellent job. It is straightforward to usage. I deserve to go from outrageous hair to straight shiny locks in no time at all. My daughter supplies it also and loves it. It is the best. I do not know what I would certainly perform without the Conair Infinity.

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Dawchild, GA


Love at First Use

I just bought this dryer this particular day, and I absolutely love it. I took a shower just to be able to try it out. I was able to dry my hair straighter than I ever had the ability to before through simply my hairbrush, and then I supplied the straightening attachment. I saved soo a lot time and my hair looks really great! I had the ability to dry and straighten while it provided to take to simply dry! And I acquired this on sale!!! What an excellent hair day it is..... :D By the method, when I initially obtained it out of the box, I assumed it looked weird, however it wasn"t bulky or hefty at all. I was a small surprised when I saw various other world had actually said that because it was very basic to use. It comes via an instruction book and also a DVD, so it"s pretty a lot goof proof.