"I mourn the loss of hundreds of priceless lives, however I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy."

Those 23 words, attributed to Martin Luther King Jr., were yesterday's Twitter mantra for those of the see that exuberance and partying in the roadways in response to a death (any fatality, also Osama bin Laden's) was morally wrong, creepy or otherwise problematic.

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They spcheck out, as things tend carry out on the excellent old Internet, favor crazy.

It initially seemed that the first perchild to mention the quote was the famed magician-libertarian Penn Jillette, Salon reported. The trouble, as Megan McArdle also pointed out in the Atlantic, was that Martin Luther King never before said it. Or anything even cshed. In fact, the quote from MLK around adversaries is:

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our adversaries, however the silence of our friends."

Salon tracked down the original resource of the quote: a Facebook status message by Jessica Dovey, in which she renders the statement at problem in her own words (not in quotes), automatically complied with by a couple of sentences properly attributed to MLK. In this conmessage, it's simple to check out exactly how cutting and pasting from that status without paying close attention to wbelow the punctuation started can have actually accidentally attributed the "hundreds of valuable lives" component that finished up going viral to King.

That the quote wasn't actually uttered by a legendary legal rights leader doesn't readjust the sobering perspective it most likely offered to many type of Americans in the after-effects of bin Laden's fatality. And while we all acquired a truth inspect around the prominence of attention to information and also reality checking, it shows up that tbelow was no intent to deceive and no real damage done.

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Finally, while MLK is undoubtedly rolling over in his grave over plenty of things these days, we don't think this mistaken attribution is one of them.

(While we're on the topics of bin Laden and also social networking, check out Elev8's list of the a lot of famous Scriptures passages not been independently showed by The Root!>, quoted on Twitter after his death.)