Which letter is midmethod in between J and P?

Answer: The letter “m” . j, k, l, “m”, n, o, p.

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Which letter is specifically midmethod in between H and also S in the provided alphabet?

Answer. ➡️H is 8th and also S is 19th so including up (8+19) which offers (27) which isn’t multiple of 2 so choice D is correct.

Which letter is midway in between 2second letter from the left and also 2first letter from the right?

Justification: 2second letter from the left is V. 21st letter from the best is F. The letter midmeans between F and also V is N.

What letter is ninth letter?

The 9th letter from the ideal is R.

Which letter of the English alphabet is 7th of the ideal of 13th letter from your left?

From the over series it is clear that M is the 13th letter from left and to the ideal of M (13th letter from left), T is the 7th letter.

Which letter is sixteenth to the appropriate of the letter which is fourth to the left of I?

For e.g. Which letter is sixteenth to the appropriate of the letter which is fourth to the left of I ? Here, we observe that fourth letter to the left of I is E and also sixteenth letter to the best of E is U. So, the answer is U.

What place is L in the alphabet?

Letters in the alphabet:

Letter NumberLetter

Which one will certainly replace the question mark?

Which number will relocation the question mark ? Hence the number 26 will certainly replace the question note. Example 2.

What is analogy in logical reasoning?

An analogy is a comparichild between 2 objects, or units of objects, that highlights respects in which they are thshould be equivalent. Analogical reasoning is any kind of kind of reasoning that relies upon an analogy. Related topics incorporate metaphor, models in science, and also precedent and analogy in legal reasoning.

What is analogous reasoning?

Analogical reasoning or dispute by analogy deserve to be characterized as a certain way of reasoning, based upon the idea that because two or more things are similar in some respects, they are probably additionally equivalent in some additionally respect.

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What are analogous colors offered for?

Analogous shade schemes use colors that are next to each other on the shade wheel. They commonly match well and develop tranquil and comfortable deindications. Analogous color schemes are often found in nature and also are harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Make sure you have enough contrast once picking an analogous shade scheme.


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