D.Should be taped if payment for damperiods is probable and also the amount can be reasonably estimated

E.Should never be tape-recorded

68.Uncertainties such as organic disasters:

A.Are not contingent liabilities bereason they are future events not developing out of past transactions or occasions

B.Are contingent liabilities bereason they are future occasions occurring from previous transactions or events

C.Should be disclosed bereason of their usefulness to financial statements

D.Are estimated liabilities because the quantities are unspecific

E.Aclimb out of transactions such as debt promises

69.Most employees and employers are required to pay:

A.Local payroll taxes

B.State payroll taxes

C.Federal payroll taxes

D.Both B and also C only

E.Local, state and federal payroll taxes

70.The times interemainder earned proportion reflects:

A.A company's capability to pay its operating prices on time

B.A company's capacity to pay interest also if sales decline

C.A company's profitcapability

D.The relation between revenue and debt

E.The relation in between assets and liabilities

71.Times interest earned is calculated by:

A.Multiplying interemainder cost times revenue

B.Dividing interemainder expense by revenue before interest cost

C.Dividing income prior to interest price and also any kind of income taxes by interest cost

D.Dividing interest and also revenue taxation expense by earnings before interest and earnings taxation cost

E.Dividing income prior to interest cost by interest expense and revenue taxes

72.If the times interemainder ratio:

A.Increases, then danger increases

B.Increases, then threat decreases

C.Is better than 1.5, then the firm is in default

D.Is less than 1.5, the agency is carrying too little debt

E.Is higher than 1.5, the firm is most likely carrying as well a lot debt

73.A firm had actually a solved interemainder cost of $6,000, its earnings prior to interemainder price and any earnings taxes was $18,000 and also its net earnings was $8,400. The company's times interemainder earned proportion is amounts to to






74.The times interemainder earned computation is:

A.(Net earnings + Interemainder price + Income taxes)/Interemainder cost

B.(Net earnings + Interest cost – Income taxes)/Interemainder expense

C.(Net revenue – Interest expense – Income taxes)/Interest expense

D.(Net income – Interest cost + Income taxes)/Interest price

E.Interest expense/(Net earnings + Interemainder cost + Income taxes expense)

75.Tree Frog Company kind of is arranged as a LLC and does not pay earnings taxes. The company has actually addressed interemainder cost of $5,750, Sales of $253,000 and also variable costs of $189,750. What is the company's times interest earned ratio?






76.Miller Company has actually a times interemainder earned ratio of 5. Sales and variable costs were $57,290 and $40,105 respectively.

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Compute the company's solved interest expense.