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CAST: Serena Ebhardt

DESCRIPTION: In One Period And Out The Other is a history of twentieth-century America told via a patriotic prism. Era is a fast-paced musical cabaret filled through multi-media imperiods from 1901 to 2001. Culminating via the September 11, 2001 attack on America, Serena Ebhardt refocuses the future with humor and also hope. Era is a nostalgic romp filled with double entendre, karaoke, prizes, pop-culture & curriculum relations. Referencing celebrities, headlines, politics, protests, scandals, sex, sporting activities, herbal tragedies, and also renowned culture, Serena makes history personal. She reveals exactly how Americans come together in life, liberty, and also the quest of happiness when they stand also united. It is all just a tiny bit of background repeating via an uplifting look towards the future. 


Era was created making use of the curriculum guidelines for 11th-grade AP US History with consultation from Larry “Guy” Ferguboy, a former co-ordinator of the State-of-the-art Placement and International Baccalaureate programs for Guilford County Schools in North Carolina. It additionally appeals to general audiences from a patriotic and nostalgic allude of view, to college audiences for its background, double entendre, karaoke, and also prizes, and also to younger audiences through recommendations to pop-culture and anti-bullying. The tech rider is basic, and the display can be done with one or two musicians relying on the budget. 

THEMES: 20th-Century UNITED STATE History, 20th-Century Amerideserve to Literature, Anti-Bullying, Civil Rights, Current Events, Human Rights, Heroes, Humor, Music, North Carolina, Nostalgia, Politics, Social Studies, Woguys, 9/11.

AUDIENCE: General Adult; Student Matinee for Grades 6+, Specifically created for 8th- and also 11th-Grade History curricula.

BOOKING: Productions –  – 919-387-4616

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Run Time:

General: 90 minutes 

Short Version: 55 minutes

Everyone functioning in education will instantly appreciate exactly how Serena weaves the medicine of "education" in a marvelous and also distinctive tribute to our country and her very own beloved country and also household. Your audiences will certainly forobtain their cell phones and game boys and be transported to an on stage YouTube for the mind and also soul…