The Fred mannequin scene in I Am Legfinish (2007) is one of the creepiest, the majority of ambiguous, and many questioned scenes of the Amerideserve to post-apocalyptic activity thriller film. It will be our topic for discussion this particular day. So let’s view what the hype is all about.

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How Did Fred, The Mannequin Move Out Of The Store In I Am Legend?

I Am Legend is a well-created sci-fi thriller via horror sprinkled throughout the movie. Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, is an eminent scientist and a survivor of a man-made pester. The plague transcreates human beings right into bloodthirsty mutants. The movie is about exactly how Robert wanders alone in New York City to find various other possible survivors while functioning on finding a cure for the plague making use of his immune blood. Robert knows that the odds are versus him while the infected wait for him to take one wrong step that would certainly deliver him right into their hands.


Fred Scene In I am Legend

The scene goes on like- once Fred is driving down an empty road through his dog, he sees Fred, the mannequin from the Movie Store, into the middle of the street. Neville freaks out and drives to reach close to Fred. When he is there, he takes out his gun and starts shooting Fred, that collapses. After a couple of seconds, he also starts shooting in all directions at the home windows of the empty structures, a short time before he falls right into a trap. You deserve to watch the scene below.

How Did Fred Move Outside The Store?

It is an essential question bereason not just was it left unanswered by the makers of the film to the creativity of the viewers yet is additionally highly disputed among I Am Legfinish fans. So I will try to provide a couple of interpretations of the scene, which will assist you decide what might have actually really occurred.

Neville put Fred out on the street as a trap to lure the mutants and completely foracquired about it as a result of his fragile mental state.The Darkseekers used Fred as bait to tempt Neville into their trap.

Who Set The Trap In I Am Legend?

It is feasible that Neville erected the trap and foracquired about it bereason he was a damaged, lonely man in a hostile civilization trying to kill him. Neville has just his dog to save him agency. He lives barricaded inside a home in Greenwich Village, its doors and windows sealed eexceptionally night by heavy steel shutters. That he set up the trap and also completely forgot about it can be indicative of Neville’s psychological state, which clearly endured as he had been without huguy contact and constant stress and anxiety for a lengthy stretch. 


But I feel that the last interpretation provides even more feeling because the Darkseekers are intelligent sufficient to observe and examine human habits and also take benefit of it. “The Alpha” kbrand-new that he saw the keep generally and talked to the mannequins. So the trap was collection by “The Alpha” Darkseeker. Getting suspicious of just how the mannequin moved tbelow in the initially place, Neville realizes that they are hiding in the shadows, and he starts shooting all around him in circles, up at the buildings, to the windows. It was bereason he most likely knew that he was being watched by every one of them. The Darkseekers supplied Fred versus Neville. It is also apparent from the trap that Neville dropped into, moments after the shooting. They probably did this in retaliation after he trapped the female Darkseeker and also left behind the evidence of his trap, which they offered against him.

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I Am Legfinish – Fred Moves His Head

In I Am Legend, as soon as Robert Neville (Will Smith) spots Fred standing external at the end of the street, ideal after Robert stops the automobile to gain a closer look, there’s a closeup of Fred, and it is obvious that Fred’s head transforms. Creepily enough! 

Why did Fred’s head turn?

Aget, there might be several interpretations for Fred turning his head. One, It might be because of Fred’s mental state, and he could be having hallucinations. Secondly, the Darkseekers wanted to bait him and also tried all that was possible to attract him in. So, it cannot be completely out of the realm that the monster hid in the shadow and also pulled on a rope attached to the mannequin. It reflects that the Darkseekers were coming to be rather intelligent, which was the theme of the book, on which the movie is based.