The dot (.) operator is provided for straight member selection by means of object name. In various other words, it is offered to access the son object.

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Syntax:object.member;For example:
Yes, dot (.) is actually an operator in C/C++ which is provided for straight member selection through object name. It has actually the greatest precedence in Operator Precedence and Associativity Chart after the Brackets.Is tbelow any type of various other Operator prefer dot(.) operator?Yes. Tbelow is another such operator (->). It is dubbed as “Instraight member selection” operator and it has actually precedence just lower to dot (.) operator. It is supplied to access the members instraight through the assist of pointers.Example:
Can dot (.) operator be overloaded?No, Dot (.) operator can’t be overloaded. Doing so will certainly reason an error.

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Output:prog.cpp:11:20: error: supposed type-specifier before "." token cantover& operator.() ^prog.cpp:11:12: error: supposed ";" at finish of member declaration cantover& operator.() ^prog.cpp:11:20: error: supposed unqualified-id prior to "." token cantover& operator.() ^prog.cpp: In attribute "void g(X&)":prog.cpp:15:7: error: "void X::fun()" is exclusive void fun(); ^prog.cpp:19:8: error: within this context; // X::fun or cantover::fun or error? ^
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