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24. A dot plot mirrors the A. The general shape of a distribution.B. The suppose, median, and also mode.C. The partnership between 2 variables.D. The interquartile variety.
25. A dot plot is finest used when A. The suppose, median and also mode are equal.B. The general shape of a circulation is symmetric.C. The connection in between 2 variables is summarized.D. A single variable is summarized.
26. A dot plot is best applied for a data set with A. 1,000 observations.B. 50 observations.C. More than one variable.D. A one mode.
27. A dot plot have the right to be offered to show A. The mean, median and also mode.B. The general shape of a circulation for a nominal qualitative variable.C. The circulation for a quantitative variable.D. The interquartile range.
29. A stem-and-leaf screen has the adhering to row: 3 | 0 1 3 5 7 9. Assume that the data is rounded to the nearest entirety number. A. The frequency of the class is salso.B. The minimum value in the course is 0.C. The maximum worth in the course is 39.D. The course interval is 5.
31. A stem-and-leaf display includes the adhering to row: 5 | 10 11 31 52 79 98. Assume that the data is rounded to the nearemainder whole number. A. The frequency of the class is seven.B. The minimum value in the class is 5.C. The maximum worth in the course is 98.D. The course interval is 100.
34. The test scores for a course of 147 students are computed. What is the place of the test score associated via the 3rd quartile? A. 111B. 37C. 74D. 75%
35. Quartiles divide a distribution intoA. 2 equal components.B. 4 equal parts.C. 10 equal parts.D. 100 equal components.
36. In a distribution, the second quartile corresponds via the A. Mean.B. Mean.C. Setting.D. Variance.
37. Percentiles divide a distribution into A. 2 equal parts.B. 4 equal parts.C. 10 equal components.D. 100 equal parts.
38. To situate the percentile for a provided monitoring in a documents set, the information must be A. Sorted and also provided from the minimum to the maximum values.B. Displayed in a histogram.C. Summarized in a cumulative frequency circulation.D. Distributed symmetrically approximately the suppose.
39. If a student areas in the 9ninth percentile on an exam, she perdeveloped better than 99% of all students that completed the exam. Her performance is similar to a statement based on a A. Frequency table.B. Cumulative frequency distribution.C. Histogram.D. Pie chart.
40. In the following collection of information, what are the initially, second, and also third quartiles?1 3 5 6 7 9 100 A. 1, 6, and also 100.B. 3, 5, and 9.C. 3, 6, and also 9.D. 1, 5, and 100.
42. What statistics are essential to draw a box plot? A. The minimum, maximum, median, initially and third quartiles.B. The median, expect and typical deviation.C. The median and interquartile variety.D. The suppose and also conventional deviation.
43. A box plot shows A. The intend and also variance.B. The relative symmeattempt of a circulation for a collection of information.C. The 10th and also 90th percentiles of a distribution.D. The deciles of a distribution.
44. What does the interquartile array describe? A. The reduced 50% of the observationsB. The middle 50% of the observationsC. The top 50% of the observationsD. The reduced 25% and also the upper 25% of the monitorings
45. The interquartile range is graphically presented in a A. Dot plot.B. Stem-and-leaf screen.C. Box plot.D. Contingency table.
46. Outliers are clearly presented in a A. Dot plot.B. Stem-and-leaf display screen.C. Box plot.D. Contingency table.
47. Using the adhering to statistics to define a circulation of information, what is the interquartile range?Minimum = 10Q1 = 25Mean = 50Q3 = 75Maximum = 95 A. 85.B. 50.C. 15.D. 20.
48. If the coefficient of skewness is equal to zero, the shape of the circulation is A. Negatively skewed.B. Symmetric.C. Positively skewed.D. Unwell-known.
49. The coeffective of skewness is A. Almethods positive or greater than or equal to zero.B. Almeans negative or much less than or equal to zero.C. Positive, negative, or zero.D. Unwell-known.
51. A big oil agency is studying the variety of gallons of gasoline purchased per customer at self-company pumps. The suppose number of gallons is 10.0 through a conventional deviation of 3.0 gallons. The median is 10.75 gallons. What is the Pearson"s coefficient of skewness? A. -1.00B. -0.75C. +0.75D. +1.00
52. What is the value of the Pearboy coeffective of skewness for a distribution through a expect of 17, median of 12 and traditional deviation of 6? A. +2.5B. -2.5C. +0.83D. -0.83
53. What is the feasible variety of values for Pearson"s coreliable of skewness? A. -1 and also +1B. -3 and also +3C. 0% and 100%D. Countless values
54. A sample of proficient typists revealed that their suppose keying rate is 87 words per minute and also the median is 73. The standard deviation is 16.9 words per minute. What is the Pearson"s coreliable of skewness? A. -2.5B. -4.2C. +4.2D. +2.5
57. In a scatter diagram, we explain the connection between A. two variables measured at the ordinal level.B. two variables, one measured as an ordinal variable and the various other as a proportion variable.C. two variables measured at the interval or ratio level.D. a variable measure on the interval or proportion level and also time.
58. In a contingency table, we define the relationship between A. two variables measured at the ordinal or nominal level.B. 2 variables, one measured as an ordinal variable and the other as a proportion variable.C. two variables measured at the interval or proportion level.D. a variable measure on the interval or ratio level and also time.
59. A contingency table would be used to summarize information such as A. Company type of employees by gender and business title.B. Company kind of employees by gender and also age.C. Company employees by compensation and also age.D. Company type of employees by compensation and years through the company.
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