cycle? in a diploid cell via 5 chromosome pairs (2n = 10), how many type of centromeres will be discovered in a nucleus at g2 of the cell department cycle? 5 20 10 40

There will be 10 centromeres in the nucleus of the cell via 5 chromosome pairs at the G2 phase.

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The cell cycle in eukaryotes comprises of 2 stages: mitotic phase and also the interphase. The interphase is the development phase in the time of which the cell grows through the build-up of nutrients that are compelled for mitosis.

The interphase is divided into Gap1 (G1), synthesis phase (S phase), and also Gap2 (G2 phase). In the G1 phase, the proteins and nutrients compelled for the S phase are synthesized. Throughout this phase, the cell grows but does not undergo department. G1 phase is adhered to by the S phase throughout which replication of the DNA occurs and also the cell"s DNA content or the chromosome number doubles. The G2 phase is the cell"s checksuggest to encertain that the DNA replication has actually been achieved successfully through no damage. It likewise synthesizes protein machinery for the M phase for cell division to take area. In the M phase, the cell department occurs separating the DNA content equally into two daughter cells developed at the end of mitosis.

Here, the diploid cell has actually five pairs of the chromosome or the DNA content is 2n=10. Each chromosome will have actually a solitary chromatid in the G1 phase. After the S phase, the DNA content will certainly double and also each chromosome will make up an identical sister chromatid pair. The sister chromatids are connected together at the centromeres. Therefore, tbelow will be 10 centromeres current in the S phase, each containing two sister chromatids.

Throughout the G2 phase, no cell division takes area. As such, the centromere will remain attached to the sister chromatids and will certainly remain the exact same as in the S phase. In the M phase, the sister chromatids will certainly move in the direction of the opposite pole and also ultimately divide right into 2 daughter cells with an equal amount of DNA content (2n=10).

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