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Import itunes playlist to mediamonkey

I am utilizing both softwares but I would certainly prefer to import MediaMonkey"s playlist in Itunes.Can you tell me just how to execute it ?

Select the playlist name in MediaMoncrucial, then go to File > Export to Playlist.

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Save the playlist, and also then in iTunes, go to File > Library > Import Playlists and choose the playlist you just saved.

Your playlist have to currently be imported right into iTunes.


Jazzy Josh explained didn"t work-related for me. Whenever I imported the M3U playlist in iTunes it was empty, alassumed the playlist-file looked correct to me.

What worked for me was just choosing all documents in the playlist within MediaMonkey and dragging them over onto the empty playlist in iTunes. I had actually imported the totality library right into iTunes previously and also dragging the lists over did not create any duplicates.

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Chiming in late, but: Tbelow is an iTunes plugin for MediaMonessential that makes your iTunes install look like a maker.

"> Synchronise MM playlist folders to iPods"


I"m pretty sure you can appropriate click your iPod and also go to Properties for the tool.

Once there you have the right to tell it what you desire to sync: playlists, podcasts, etc. Just pick the playlist you want to sync and it will certainly sync it for you.


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