If You Want Me To Stay Chords------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You Want Me To Stay - Sly And The Family Stone-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Arranged by: FunkynicTabbed by: Hostile ApostlePlease sfinish suggestions and corrections to Tuning: StandardNote: I obtained the principle to create this tab from a video clip on youtube which deserve to beviewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqlIce56NJw .You don"t should watch the video yet it might aid some civilization with the timing. Also I tried my ideal to obtain the most exact chord names yet I couldn"t find the last two chords in any kind of book or online chord finder so I just called them after the root note. If anyone has the correct chord names please sfinish it to the e-mail over.Further note: I dont use the same precise chords in the video. Am Gm7 D9 F7 E7 C Be|-------------------3-------------------|B|----7----5----5----3----3----8----7----|G|----7----5----5----4----3----10---9----|D|----7----5----4----3----2----9----8----|A|----x----x----5----5----x----10---9----|E|----7----5---------3----2--------------|Intro: Bm / Am7 / D9 / G7 / F#7 Am / Gm7 / D9 / F7 / C / B AmIf you want me to remain Gm7 D9I"ll be about now F7 E7To be accessible for you to check out AmI"m about to go Gm7 D9And then you"ll know F7 C BFor me to remain here I"ve gained to be me AmYou"ll never before be in doubt Gm7 D9That"s what it"s all around F7 E7You can not take me for granted and also smile AmCount the days I"m gone Gm7 D9Forobtain getting to me by phone F7 C BDue to the fact that I promise I"ll be gone for a while AmWhen you view me aget Gm7 D9I hope that you have actually been F7 E7The type of perboy that you really are now AmYou acquired to get it directly Gm7 D9How could I ever be late F7 C BWhen you"re my woman takin" up my time AmHow might you ever before allow Gm7 D9I guess I wonder how F7 E7How could you get out of pocket for fun Am Gm7 D9When you know that you"re never number two F7 C BNumber one gonna be number oneAmI"ll be excellent Gm7 D9I wish I could F7 E7Get this message over to you currently AmWhen you view me again Gm7 D9I hope that you have been F7 E7 The kind of perboy you really are nowAmI"ll be so great Gm7 D9I wish I can F7 C BGet the message over to you now

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If You Want Me To Stay tabs
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