Summary for the Teacher

To prepare yourself spiritually to teach this lesson, please check out and ponder the following:

Our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy; the arrangement He produced for us is frequently called the “excellent plan of happiness” (Alma 42:8). Although adversity is an important part of life, we have the right to choose to have actually a positive outlook, and our cheerful mindset have the right to assist others be more optimistic as well.

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Learning Activities

Begin via a gathering task. For concepts, check out page 3.


Invite a kid to provide the opening prayer.


Have a kid host the picture on page 82. Tell the adhering to story:

Mary and also her mommy were going for a walk (point to Mary and Mommy in the picture). Some civilization they passed were frowning (ask the youngsters to frown). Mary asked Mommy, “Why are the human being so sad?” Mommy shelp, “I don’t recognize, but maybe we have the right to smile at them and also assist them be happy.”

As they walked along, Mary witnessed a woguy coming toward them. Mary smiled her biggest smile (invite the youngsters to smile their biggest smiles). When the woguy saw Mary’s happy face, she smiled ago. Mary sassist, “It worked!” Mommy said, “When we select to be happy, it helps others be happy as well.”

smiling mother and daughter

Ask the kids to smile for you. Tell them that their smiles aid everyone feel happy. Invite the kids to say “happy.”


Sing or say the words to “Smiles” (Children’s Songbook, 267) and also perform the actions listed below. Invite the youngsters to sign up with you.

If you chance to fulfill a frvery own, (pull corners of mouth down to a frown)

Do not let it continue to be. (shake head from side to side)

Quickly rotate it upside down

And smile that frown ameans. (push corners of mouth into a smile)

No one likes a frowning confront. (pull corners of mouth down to a frown)

Change it for a smile. (push corners of mouth right into a smile)

Make the human being a far better place

By smiling all the while. (nod head up and down)


Have the youngsters stand in a circle. Tell them you are going to exercise sharing smiles. Stand in front of a son and also smile at him or her. Invite the boy to smile. Then say, “Let’s go share our smiles.” Take the boy by the hand, go to one more child, and also smile. Invite the new son to hold the initially child’s hand also and also share smiles through another son. Continue until all the youngsters are holding hands.


Tell the children that as soon as we choose to be happy, we deserve to help others feel happy also. Invite the youngsters to say, “I deserve to be happy!”


Invite a son to provide the closing prayer.

Teaching Tips

Songs: Children love points that they have actually viewed and heard prior to. Sing songs from this lesboy or previous lessons at any type of time in the time of the nursery class. This evaluation will assist them learn the songs and remember the gospel values you have actually taught.

Game: As with any kind of activity, adapt this game to the size of your nursery. If you have actually many kids, you might desire to share a smile through two or 3 youngsters at a time.

Optional Activities


For the testimonial activity: Mark page 67 in this manual so that you have the right to revolve to it conveniently. Bring photos of points you are thankful for; you could use photos in this manual or in Church magazines, or you could draw your very own.


Sing or say the words to “If You’re Happy” (Children’s Songbook, 266) and also execute the actions listed below. Invite the youngsters to join you.

If you’re happy and you recognize it, clap your hands. (clap, clap)

If you’re happy and you recognize it, clap your hands. (clap, clap)

If you’re happy and you understand it,

Then your challenge will surely show it. (smile; suggest to face)

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap, clap)

Repeat, replacing “clap your hands” through various other actions, such as “revolve approximately,” “pat your knees,” and also so on.

Activity Verse

Recite the adhering to activity verse and invite the youngsters to sign up with you:

A smile is very catchy. (press corners of mouth right into a smile)

And so once I feel sad, (press corners of mouth right into a frown)

I try to offer a smile away, (press corners of mouth right into a smile)

And quickly I’m feeling glad! (place both hands over heart)


Repeat the two picture tasks from lesson 15 (pperiods 64 and 65). Exsimple that remembering all the wonderful things Heavenly Father has offered us can assist us feel happy.

Jesus via grateful leper
coloring web page, I Am Thankful

I am thankful for my household.

I am thankful for my clothes.

I am thankful for my house.

I am thankful for food to eat.


Give each boy a copy of the smiling-frowning face on page 83. Invite the children to look at their pictures while you sing the “Smiles” song again. Aid them rotate their deals with from a frvery own to a smile at correct times during the song.

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Teaching Tips

Optional activities: To keep the children’s interemainder and also energetic participation, usage a range of teaching methods; alternative stories through singing, activity verses, games, and activity. Plan no more than 2 or 3 minutes for each activity. (See Teaching, No Greater Call, 72, 89–90.)

Review: Repeat tasks from previous lessons as often as you would certainly prefer. Repetition is fun for the kids, and it helps them learn.