Editor’s note: This item originally ran in 2014. This week, a biopic about Fred Rogers referred to as A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood releases to theaters.

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If you haven’t watched it, Fred Rogers’ acceptance speech for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Emmys is a fascinating watch. After being presented as “the finest neighbor any kind of of us has actually ever had,” by Tim Robbins, Mr. Rogers takes the phase amiddle uproarious applausage. A humble, gray Presbyterian minister being heralded as a hero on television’s flashiest night—he sticks out, not just by virtue of his age, but additionally a sort of sheepish grace. This guy does not have actually a false bone in his body.

What happens following is probably singular among award mirrors. Mr. Rogers measures approximately the microphone, and also worries an order. “Would you just take, together with me, 10 seconds to think of the civilization who have helped you end up being that you are? Those that have cared about you and wanted what was ideal for you in life. I’ll watch the time.”

At initially civilization chuckle a little—is he serious? But as he looks dvery own at his watch, you have the right to watch that he plainly is, and also the hall falls silent. And then, as the cam pans the room, you view that he’s working that old magic of his. People are biting their lips. Mascara is running. It took this gentle, kindly hold of a children’s routine a mere 10 seconds to sexpedition a television award show of its pomp and also circumstance, injecting a moment of real, beautiful feeling right into it. Speedy delivery, indeed.

It’s difficult to know exactly how to technique Mr. Rogers’ heritage without bursting right into fanboy gushing. Nostalgia is substantial these days, and it’s easy to prattle on around Space Jam or Pokemon and also exactly how a lot they expected to you once you were a son, and there’s nopoint wrong via it. But for world of a details age, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood stays in its own stratosphere of childhood memories. Other mirrors may have been more educational, funnier or even more imaginative, but none of them had actually Mr. Rogers. He was, in eincredibly way, the genuine deal; a genuinely warmth visibility who spoke to you as if you were sitting on his knee. Tbelow wasn’t a hint of marketing sheen or focus teams in the show—simply an elderly guy that loved youngsters. It was not in any kind of way an act. “One of the best gifts you can give anybody is the gift of your hoswarm self,” he when sassist. He lived that out eexceptionally second of his display.

There’s been a current backlash against just how frequently this generation has heard that it’s “special,” and also probably some of that is deserved. But as soon as Mr. Rogers dubbed you special, it didn’t feel choose entitlement or mindless praise. It felt even more choose a responsibility—like he was reminding you to live as much as something. And also when you didn’t live as much as it, he was still tbelow through those straightforward words that, even currently, lug an awful lot of emotional heft: “I favor you just the means you are.”

When asked why he started the display, he famously told CNN, “I got in television bereason I hated it so, and also I believed there’s some method of making use of this fabulous instrument to nurture those that would certainly watch and listen,” which is somepoint many of us would execute well to think on still today. The show took root and became among the most acdeclared children’s mirrors of all time.

In the years given that his fatality, his legend has actually grown. Some people say he wore cardigans to cover up his tattoos (false.) Some say he started eexceptionally morning by skinny dipping (true.) Instead of adding to the myth, we’ll revolve the microphone over to him.

Here are a few of his very own thoughts on love, area and being a neighbor.

In His Own Words

On Community

“We live in a people in which we have to share duty. It’s basic to say, ‘It’s not my kid, not my neighborhood, not my people, not my difficulty.’ Then there are those that view the require and also respond. I take into consideration those civilization my heroes.”

—Spoken in 1994, quoted in his obituary in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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On Loving Our Neighbors

“You know, I think everybody longs to be loved, and also longs to know that he or she is lovable. And, in turn, the greatest point that we deserve to carry out is to assist somebody understand that they’re loved and capable of loving.”

America’s Favorite Neighbor (television documentary), 2003.

On Gratitude

“I think that appreciation is a holy point, that when we look for what’s best in the perkid we take place to be via at the moment, we’re doing what God does; so in appreciating our neighbor, we’re participating in something truly sacred.”

—Commencement Address at Middlebury College May, 2001

On Greed

“What execute you think it is that drives human being to desire much even more than they might ever use or need? I frankly think it’s indefense. How do we let the human being know that the trappings of this life are not the things that are ultimately important for being accepted?”

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From The World According to Mister Rogers:

On Pain

“Tbelow is no normal life that is totally free of pain. It’s the very wrestling with our difficulties that deserve to be the impetus for our growth.”

On Love

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun choose struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that perchild exactly the means he or she is, right below and also now.”

On the Value of Life

“As human beings, our job in life is to aid world realize exactly how rare and also practical each one of us really is, that each of us has actually somepoint that no one else has–or ever before will have–something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our task to encourage each various other to find that uniqueness and also to provide ways of occurring its expression.”

On Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is a stvariety point. It deserve to periodically be easier to forprovide our enemies than our friends. It deserve to be hardest of all to forgive civilization we love. Like every one of life’s important coping abilities, the capability to forgive and also the capacity to let go of resentments most most likely take root incredibly early on in our lives.”

On Blessings

“The genuine worry in life is not how many type of blessings we have, but what we carry out with our blessings. Some people have many kind of blessings and hoard them. Some have few and provide every little thing amethod.”

On Meeting People

“If you can just feeling how crucial you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you have the right to be to the civilization you might never before even dream of. There is somepoint of yourself that you leave at eincredibly meeting via an additional perchild.”

On Truth

“Disextending the fact about ourselves is a lifetime’s work-related, yet it’s worth the initiative.”