12. If Job P had 20 systems, what was its unit productcost? (Do not round intermediatecalculations.)

12b. If Job Q included 30 devices, what was its unit productcost? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Roundyour final answer to nearemainder entirety dollar.)

13. Assume that Sweeten Company type of offered cost-plus pricing (and amarkup percent of 80% of total production cost) to establishselling prices for all of its tasks. What marketing price would certainly thefirm have actually establiburned for Jobs P and also Q? What are the sellingprices for both jobs when proclaimed on a per unit basis assuming 20devices were produced for Job P and 30 systems were developed for JobQ? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round yourfinal answer to nearest totality dollar.)

14. What was Sweeten Company’s price of products marketed forMarch? (Do not round intermediatecalculations.)

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Systems 12: Computation of departmental overhead prices Particulars Molding Fabrication Fixed manufacturing overhead $12,250 $16,350 Variable production overhead $5,750 $4,650 Total production overhead $18,000 $21,000 Nos of machine hours 2500…View the full answer

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Transcribed image text: Sweeten Company had no jobs in progression at the beginning of March and no beginning inventories. The firm has 2 production departments-Molding and Fabrication. It began, completed, and offered only 2 tasks in the time of March-Job P and Job Q. The complying with extra indevelopment is easily accessible for the company overall and for Jobs P and Q (all information and also inquiries relate to the month of March): Molding Fabrication Total 1,500 $16,350 Estimated total machine-hours provided 4,000 $28,600 2,500 Estimated complete fixed manufacturing overhead Estimated variable production overhead per machine-hour $12,250 2.30 3.10 Job P Job 0 Direct products $22,000 $28,200 $12,500 $11,100 Direct labor expense Actual machine-hrs offered Molding 2,600 1,500 4,100 1,700 Fabrication 1,800 Total 3,500 Sweeten Company kind of had actually no underused or overapplied production overhead prices throughout the month. Required: For concerns 1-8, assume that Sweeten Company kind of offers a plantwide predetermined overhead price through machine-hrs as the alplace base. For concerns 9-15, assume that the firm uses departpsychological prefigured out overhead rates via machine-hours as the alplace base in both departments. S