Ie11 spell check

I set up the release preview of Windows 8, which comes via Web Explorer 10.

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IE10 has actually been endowed with a spell checking Feature, which is energetic while I write this message.

As a matter of principle, I disable spell checking almost everywhere I go. I sindicate hate spell checking. I recognize much better than the spell checker. (And when not it does not issue.)

This is all the more annoying as I create in numerous languages and the spell checker only does one language (German, in this case), and then even in the new and also wrong spelling, not in the old an true one. How have the right to I disable this?

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To disable spelling correction in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7:

Go to Tools → Manage add-ons


Under Spelling Correction, uninspect "Enable spelling correction"


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Update for Windows 8.1 as of 11/2014:

Due to the fact that I"ve been utilizing StartIsBack and Glass8, I"ve been reconciled through Windows 8 and also 8.1, in as a lot as it currently looks as nice as Windows 7. (Note: Talking about real Computers here, not ARM tools faking to be PCs.) But every currently and then, TIFKAM ("The Interconfront previously recognized as Metro") rears its level head, favor once - and also that brings me ago to this question - you desire to disable the horror that aggressive and obtrusive spell checking represents for individuals who"ve learned appropriate spelling ago in their schooldays, and also that may occur to converse in even more than one language.

So, my initially attempt on this brand-new COMPUTER was to check the regulate panel (the appropriate one), thinking that meanwhile Microsoft must have actually acquired their act together and incorporated the spell checking among the language settings, which seems favor the apparent option. But no, there"s nothing there. Checked some other CP entries choose ease of access, region, Spracherkennung (literally "language recognition"), yet no, nopoint tright here either.

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Okay, I"d need to go examine the Metro regulate panel. Shudder. How to get there? Ah ideal, Windows+C ("charms", whatever before that is), and also then "Settings", and then "Change COMPUTER Settings" (translated from German). The dreaded fulldisplay TIFKAM settings "app" appears. Guess what, it has an enattempt "Zeit und Sprache" ("Time and also Language") - now this need to be where I"d uncover spell checking, wouldn"t I? (By the means, shouldn"t that have actually been "Time and also Space"? Guess it"s all around educating individuals by disappointing their expectations.) Alas, no. After clicking roughly in a confused, annoyed and rather random manner I discovered the area. It"s under "COMPUTER und Geräte > Eingabe", probably something like "COMPUTER and Devices > Input".


I hate to say it, but as soon as I"m in the Mac OS X manage panel, I never before struggle to discover things. Why is it so difficult to file language connected settings under "Language"?

I exceptionally much hope they reintegrate all the settings in the TIFKAM control panel right into the correct Windows manage panel. And then keep the TIFKAM stuff for ARM just. Or quite, have actually an additional establishing in the control panel, for TIFKAM itself, to be switched on or off, as best suits the hardware.

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Original answer from Jun 21 "12:

The proper solution is to disable spell checking (Rechtschreibprüfung) in the System Settings (Systemsteuerung) going via the brand-new Metro Setups and clicking on "Allgemein". In English, that pane shows up to be labeled "General". See screenshot below.


Keep in mind about old and also new spelling in German: Wer die Prüfung behalten möchte, aber die alte Rechtschreibung lieber mag, der kann dies in folgendem Pfad in der klassischen Systemsteuerung einstellen: