Name: Ms. Chula Sirimathie Krieg-Dutschmann & Group Nationality: Sri Lanka, UK & Gerguy Pax: 15 Travel date: Nov 11 – 23, 2017

Dear Hedy,

I would prefer to personally give thanks to you for your wonderful organization. You were tright here when we necessary, listened to our involves through an excellent deal of patience and sorted out troubles. Your team worked difficult and made sure that we obtained the ideal worth for money. Your tour guides are knowledgeable, kind and patient. Working with 15 individual is not a basic task. We will provide you group feedearlier extremely shortly.

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Aacquire heartfelt say thanks to you.

With type regards,

Chula ********************************* Dear Hedy,

As one of the group member, I wish to offer my opinion about our current Myanmar vacation.

Overall its terrific. Your agency had arranged it exceptionally well. All the tour guides were great however Jojo is the ideal. Aaww additionally was superior. As a whole everyone was friendly n excellent. Uuu did not talk much.

All the buses provided were excellent. All the motorists n the aides were excellent also. But aacquire, the pair we had in Yangon was the best. Unfortunately, we can’t remember their names. Our interior move walso arranged. Tour guides took care of us at domestic airports. Arrangements of watercrafts were terrific.

Apart from the Smart Hotel, all other accommodations were great. We really loved our remains at Inlay n Pindaya. Grand United also was excellent. We really appreciate the alternate accommodation that you offered us at Magic Mandalay, which need to have price you additional money. We are sorry around it.

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Myanmar was an excellent nation. People were good as well. Their calm, quiet n gentle Buddhist upbringing stole our hearts. It was nice to check out golden temples n pagodas almost everywhere. We enjoyed their food at the start however lately, we came to be actually tired of eating the same kind of food for practically 2 weeks.

Overall, I desire to price your company as excellent n I definitely will certainly recommfinish you for anyone. I hope you do run in various other Eastern nations as well. What around Vietnam, Laos n Cambodia in future? We hope to watch you aobtain. All the ideal. Shiranthi