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Niels from The NetherlandsRecently some of my country did a worthy rendition (also brief and talked with unfortunately) at this Dutch vocal talent show: from BiloxiMar 2020, Lou, Many type of feel the exact same around Mike McDonald and also claiming he "Ruined" the Doobies:):). I like both Chicagos however like Cetera"s eran extra, exact same via the Doobies (McDoobies are a tad much better to me:)). Though I prefer the original Van Halen means even more with Roth however the others are OK.Lou from PennaI can not think that someone could blame PETER Cetera for destroying Chicearlier even after he left , they didn"t have to play all those sappy songs that everyone loved, they didn"t mind when it was filling their pockets through all that money,times were transforming and also so was the music, mainly all the bands began playing ballads, PETER Cetera is A very talented musician and also no one could could ever before come cshed to his distinctive voice!Seventhmist from 7th HeavenI was sorry when the group started "downplaying" its horn section, as I was once ELO dumped its violin player.Michael from Alabama

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Mus1cmale Yes! It was THE summer ballad of 1982. I graduated from high college nine days after this song was released and started college five days before it hit #1. The initially time I heard it was in the employee cafeteria at Opryland USA, called the "Great Escape". We gained the dedeveloped popsicles, hot dogs, and excess hamburgers from everywhere the park on the cheap in tbelow via some of the coolest air-conditioning in the area while listening to KDF (who ALWAYS seemed to play the complete cut including "Get Away") on our breaks.WKDF in the mid-1980s was the ideal formatted rock station I"ve heard in my entire life. I did a LOT of travelling in the 1990s and also early on naughts. The only various other one that came remotely close was in Raleigh-Durham, NC in the time of the mid-to-late 1990s. It was a digital clamong mid-80s KDF in Nashville. An FM Album Oriented Rock station was #1 in "The Home of Country Music" eextremely single month for virtually the whole decade of the 1980s. Johnny Cash once shelp in an intercheck out that it was what he listened to while driving his boy John Carter to institution in the mornings. If it was not too sappy for KDF, that was good enough for me.Dave from Wheaton, IlYep, Get Amethod, necessary to be on the radio single, in the first place!Mus1cmale from Barrowhead, Ak"Terry Kath should have actually rolled over in his grave once he heard the garbage his band mates made after his untimely death."Not a negative allude but one need to remember that he WAS around for "If You Leave Me Now" and such various other "schmaltz" that was going on with the band also also prior to that. Of course very-early on, just-out-the-gate Chicback is their respected ideal along with Kath being the band"s most-respected member, the one who provided Chicearlier their early on "edge" before Cetera either by his very own doing or AOR or a tiny of both monopolized points (I believe Jimi Hendrix himself, prior to he died, recognized Kath"s guitar playing and also went as far regarding say that Terry was much better than he was). Just the very same, songs such as "If You Leave Me Now", their "Hot Streets" offerings (initially album w/out Kath) such as "Alive Again" and "No Tell Lover" in addition to "Hard For Me to Say I"m Sorry" a couple of years later were really not also negative at all ("Hard Habit to Break", "You"re the Inspriation" and also post-Cetera "Will You Still Love Me" and "Look Away"...currently that"s as soon as it REALLY acquired out of hand). "Sorry" was indeed a "summer" song and also released as a solitary at the perfect time in 1982, just before the summer began; and also lastly peaking on the charts as the summer was officially finishing. The whole song embodies the spirit of a whole summer providing you the feel of the summer"s beginning at the SONG"s start and giving you that sad feeling of one more summer now gone by the moment we hear "you"re gonna be the lucky one" via that "sad" feeling disresolving ONLY if the DJ can POSSIBLY play "Get Away" which hardly EVER happened when the song was out. A shame, but a decent track nonethemuch less.Art from Mpls, MnI quit complying with Chicago after Chicearlier III came out because it was such a letdown after their first 2 albums though it wasn"t that bad really. After that all i knew of them was their very sappy singles on which cetra sang lead on a lot of of them. This sort of music is for 12 year olds. At Billy Champlins website he won"t even discuss his time via chicback as if he"s ashamed to have been linked with them. I think the only factor he joined the band was because he required the money given that his Sons of Champlin albums , while great, were very unsuccessful commercially. I doubt if anyone that listened to Chicearlier just after 1978 even knew who the legendary Terry Kath was which is a shame. I never did treatment for Cetra"s voice a lot yet he was ok doing backups when either Kath or Lamb sang and also as lengthy as he only sang lead on 2 songs per album it was bearable. Terry Kath need to have rolled over in his grave as soon as he heard the garbage his band also mates made after his untimely death. These men sold out cshed nearly as a lot as elton john and rod stewart did. It"s really a shame bereason these males were pretty good musicians as their earliest occupational proves.Aimee from Plant City, FlDavid Foster is an amazingly talented man. He created some of the finest songs ever made.Erin from Fargo, NdAt the 2009 "David Foster and also Friends" concert, Clay Aiken sang a "Peter Cetera Medley" that included this song, "You"re the Inspiration," and "Glory of Love".Adrian from Johor Bahru, MalaysiaChicago"s songs topping the charts seem to follow a 6 year pattern. Their initially in 1976, If You Leave Me Now was adhered to by Hard To Say I"m Sorry six years later on in 1982 . Then six years later they topped the charts again in 1988 through the Diane Warren created track, Look Ameans. It was their initially post- Cetera number one or their first number one hit minus Peter Cetera.Rick from London, OnKevin, I personally blame everything on David Foster! He is at the nucleus of all points shmaltz and also i"m pretty certain he destroyed the entirety 1980"s. John from Grand also Island also, NyIt have to be a crime to play this song without the GET AWAY finishing. I can not stand also it when pop stations reduced the song ideal before the excellent finishing. Still one of the best songs of the 80"s.

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Do I prefer the 60"s-70"s Chicearlier better? Absolutely, yet this is one excellent song especially the ending.Don from Marietta, GaThis ballad bozo, as Kevin, in the preceding comment, calls Cetera, cocreated a song lasting 2 weeks, start Sept. 11, 2002,