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"She"s Pulling Me Back Again" is a song composed by Bill Rice and Jerry Foster, and also taped by Amerideserve to country music artist Miccrucial Gilley. It was released in February 1977 as the initially single from the album First Class. "She Pulling Me Back Again" was Mickey Gilley"s seventh number one on the nation chart. The single continued to be at number one for a single week and also spent a total of thirteenager weeks on the nation chart.

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She"s pulling me ago againDarling, don"t let her winTake me in your arms, best nowHold me tightShe"s standing exterior againShe"s wanting to come earlier inSo if you"ve ever before lovedLove me tonightI have the right to feel her reachingIn the nightSo lay a small closerBy my sideLet me take my weaknessAnd love it out on youRight now, I need your loveTo host on toShe"s pulling me ago againDarling, don"t let her winTake me in your arms, best nowHold me tightShe"s standing exterior againWanting to come back inSo if you"ve ever lovedLove me tonightShe"s pulling me back again

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Micessential Gilley Micvital Leroy Gilley (born March 9, 1936) is an Amerihave the right to country music singer and musician. Although he started out singing straight-up country and western product in the 1970s, he relocated in the direction of a much more pop-friendly sound in the 1980s, bringing him further success on not simply the nation charts, yet the pop charts also. Among his best hits are "Room Full of Roses," "Don"t the Girls All Get Prettier at Cshedding Time," and the remake of the Soul hit "Stand by Me". He is likewise the cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl McVoy, Jim Gilley and also Jimmy Swaggart. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, Gilley is a licensed pilot, who holds an instrument rating via commercial pilot privileges for multi-engine airplanes, and personal pilot privileges for sin… even more »

Written by: Jerry Foster, Bill Rice

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