Sherlumber Anderson’s coming of age “I Want To Know Why” is the narrative of an adolescent boy whose civilization revolves roughly racesteeds and the perplexing emovements that surconfront when he meets the trainer of his favorite steed. In this tale, our narrator paintotally learns the disappointment of upholding our idols to unrealistic criteria and, even more importantly, after the loss of innocence, the realities of the world are not always as idealistic as when envisioned.

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Shertimber Anderson takes us to the southerly town of Beckersville, Kentucky during a time where slaincredibly is aboliburned but babsence civilization still execute menial work-related.

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Tright here is nopoint else extraordinary around the tvery own other than for in the spring; Beckersville becomes rather of a stay over for all of those associated in horses and horseracing. For about a week every one of the prominent horseguys are in Beckersville and “horse racing is in eextremely breathe of air you breathe.”

Our narrator, 15 and easy minded (or perhaps simply innocent), has actually a passion for racehorses, so this is undoubtedly his favorite time of year.

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Once every one of the significant horseguys leave tvery own, he and also three of his friends decide on a whim to take a expedition to Saratoga in upstate New York to see a steed race. While tright here, the narrator sees his favorite race equine Sunstreak and has actually the opportunity to satisfy the trainer. He encounters the horse trainer twice. The initially time he meets the trainer is alongside Sunstreak ideal before the race. During this encounter, he is enamored via the trainer, claiming to love him also even more than his father.

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He identifies via the trainer as a male that shares the very same ideals and passions as him and in our narrator’s eyes and heart, this undeniably renders the trainer a guy of good admiration. Sunstreak, breaking a human being document, wins the race and also for our narrator, this justifies his fondness of the trainer also more.

The second time the narrator meets the steed trainer occurs later that night once he unknowingly complies with him to a brothel and the narrator’s feelings for the trainer take a drastic revolve. Peering via a home window, he sees the trainer bragging about Sunstreak, claiming that he was the one that had won the race and also damaged the record. The narrator grows fiercely angry as he listens to the trainer moving on. He slinks away, hating the trainer. His tumultuous emotions churn ameans at why: Why would certainly a man that shares the same passion as him, a male that sees the beauty in horses as he does be at such a “rotten” location transporting on with such “rotten-looking” women and doing such “rotten” things? This second enrespond to with the trainer has spoiled his passion for thoroughbred equines and also all the wonderful and also “lovely” points he as soon as associated with the sport have likewise soured.

Although we never learn the name of our young narrator, we conveniently learn that he is naive and obsessed through horses but we additionally learn that he has a great heart. He has yet to think of the consequences of his words because he describes the babsence people in tvery own as “niggers.” In comparison, he speaks so fondly of them that we can only assume that the just factor he would use such a word in the lack of malice is that he simply does not understand any kind of much better, so we excusage him. He is a casual acquaintance of a babsence man named

Bildad Johnboy. Bildad stays a harsh life however the narrator does not see Bildad’s struggling existence for what it is. Quite regularly, Bildad

hregarding “flatter and also wheedle” for one project after another, usually functioning as a cook for ranchers or being associated in productive steady work. The narrator idolizes the life Bildad leads bereason he is constantly roughly horses and does not realize the harsh reality of Bildad’s world. Our narrator believes that Bildad resides such a wonderful life, he innocently proclaims, “I wish I was a nigger.” It is via remarks choose this we deserve to thrive to appreciate the narrator’s naivety and also are not offended. We additionally view the goodness of the narrator’s heart once he and also his friends collection out for Saratoga. Our narrator is not well-off, nor are his paleas, yet because he is the one via the most money, he shares his money via his friends. In addition, throughout a soptimal at Niagara Falls, he renders certain to pick up small gifts for his family.

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Idealistically, equines are taken into consideration beautiful and majestic pets. In comparison, a racetrack is a dirty, seedy facility, consumed by the greed and also desperation of guys either making or losing money. In our narrator’s innocent and also pure love for thoroughbred steeds, he has actually encountered an aspect of adulthood he is not yet all set to accept. Perhaps he will when aobtain recapture his love for these pets yet it is skeptical that he will ever view a equine track or its prompt surroundings in the same light aget.

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