Throughout the summer of 2006 I relocated to Astoria, Queens with two of my best friends. I had a few hundred dollars in my bank account, no task, and a one month sublet. After a year of continuous faiattract in the Big Apple, I retreated to Western Massachusetts to lick my wounds and also regroup. Unemployed and also extremely down on myself, I started a Blogger account and also interregarded anyone who would certainly offer me the time of day.

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As a lifelengthy fan of MTV’s mid-90s sketch comedy show The State, I decided I would certainly attempt to interwatch all 11 actors members. While my task wasn’t a full success, I was able to interwatch nine members of The State over the course of the following year. When I spoke to Ken Marino, whose recent successes include appearances in HBO’s Eastbound & Down, Netflix’s reboot of Wet Hot American Summer, the Goosebumps movie, and several various other interesting upcoming movies, he was basic to talk to and also hilarious. Diggers, which he created and also acted in, had just been released, and also he was functioning on Role Models and also The Ten via David Wain. It was an interesting time in his career and I am grateful I had the chance to capture some of his memories of The State. Thank you Ken, for offering me a morale rise when I was despeprice for one and also for sharing some gems from your early on years in comedy.

“Louie was our rebellious attempt at saying, ‘Screw you, we don’t desire to do recurring characters, so we’re going to give you one that can’t go almost everywhere.’”


Gino: Once it was taped, The State’s album Comedy for Gracious Living sat on a shelf for 14 years before being released. What was it choose making that record?

Ken Marino: It’s not our a lot of brilliant job-related. It’s gained some funny things on it though. Warner Brothers phelp for us to go to the Bahamas and also record it. They didn’t actually pay us to go there. They simply passist us, and also we took the bit little bit of money we had and also were choose, “Instead of simply spending this money on beer at the Barrow Street Ale House in Manhattan or our rent, let’s go dvery own to the Bahamas and also document it.” So we did. We were in the Bahamas for 2 weeks however we didn’t make any money on the album. (Laughs)

“We took the bit bit of money we had and also were prefer, ‘Instead of simply spfinishing this money on beer at the Barrow Street Ale Housage in Manhattan or our rent, let’s go dvery own to the Bahamas and document it.’”

Gino: Well, at leastern you gained to go to the Bahamas for two weeks.

Ken Marino: It was awesome, we had a great time. I don’t recognize if it assisted the album. We were half drunk most of the moment. I think it’s the skit through Joe and also Showtransform wright here you deserve to actually hear the ice in the glass while they’re trying to go via the skit. Very skilled.



Gino: I need to ask you wbelow the Louie character came from. That’s one of the most famous skits from The State.

Ken Marino: Louie came from MTV wanting us to have actually recurring personalities. We didn’t desire to perform that at initially, so Louie was our rebellious attempt at saying, “Screw you, we don’t desire to execute recurring personalities, so we’re going to provide you one that can’t go anywhere.” The story behind Louie’s catch phrase is pretty funny. It entails 2 seemingly unconnected points. David Wain supplied to stick his hands down his pants a lot, and also tright here was a huge jar of peanut butter that John Stewart left at my desk that I would eat. One day, David came over and also opened the peanut butter, took his hands out of his pants, and also stuck his fingers in my peanut butter and started eating it. I was favor, “Dave, why don’t you simply dip your balls in it.” I was a little upcollection. I think I screamed that at him.

We started saying, “I desire to dip my balls in it.” So we thought, “Ah, how around that for a catch phrase for our unusable recurring character.” We were going to execute a recurring character that never before recurred. But it type of backfired, because MTV shelp, “Yeah, we love that male, lug him back.” So we had to compose more sketches for Louie, who was type of a dead finish character. But we actually wound up coming up through some artistic stuff for him. I think “Louie and also The Last Supper” is the finest one. If MTV didn’t ask us to lug it ago, that wouldn’t have actually been a repeat character.



“I was choose, ‘Dave, why don’t you just dip your balls in it.’ I was a tiny upcollection. I think I screamed that at him.”

Gino: That’s a great earlier story.

Ken Marino: Yeah, we really didn’t desire to execute recurring personalities. For some factor we believed, “That’s too a lot choose SNL. We don’t want to just execute recurring characters. We want to do situational stuff. Blah blah blah.” But then of course we finished up doing recurring characters, and we favored them.

Gino: That’s funny, when I interregarded Kevin Allichild, he said the very same thing around the sort of humor you were going for.

Ken Marino: Yeah, and also we stuck to that. But we found that we might carry out a recurring character here and tbelow. Once we began writing stuff, we realized if you provided a good recurring character, you had a better chance of obtaining your stuff on the display. If you carried earlier a character that walso preferred, opportunities are you’d have actually even more display screen time. That added to the friendly competitiveness within the team. We would certainly always baracquire through each other choose, “Alideal, I’ll offer you this component if you provide me that part in your manuscript.”

“What’s wonderful around The State is we didn’t break up because we hated each other. We simply damaged up bereason we weren’t making any type of money and also everyone had to go find a paycheck somewhere.”

Gino: For such a large entity that broke up so long back, it’s exceptional that everyone from The State is still friends and proceeds to job-related on jobs together. Did you ever before concern that the relationships with the other members would certainly fizzle out?

Ken Marino: No. I didn’t concern around my personal relationship fizzling out because we made an initiative to keep in touch and they were all friends of mine. And professionally…bereason they were my friends, we remained in touch, and they were all talented. I knew we would certainly continue to collaborate on things. Half of the group resides in L.A. and also half of the group resides in NYC, so it’s not the most basic thing to acquire the entirety team together. But I don’t doubt that we will continue to job-related together in smaller teams if not all at once for the rest of our careers.

We have a bond and also a respect for each various other as performers. There is a trust within the group. I know I deserve to contact up anyone in the group and know what I’m going to acquire. For me, I would certainly invite them into anything that I’m working on and also I think the feeling is mutual. What’s wonderful about The State is we didn’t break up bereason we hated each various other. We just damaged up bereason we weren’t making any type of money and everyone had actually to go discover a payinspect somewbelow. But we’re all very good friends, and also that hasn’t changed.

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