"Ready as I"ll ever before be," I say as she prepares to tap me via the glowing guideline of her magic wand.

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"Okay, babe. And you"re sure this is what you want?" she says, biting her lip.

"I"m fine," I say in typical husband fashion. "No really. Whatever before you desire, I want it also, and if this provides you happy, then..."

"It does make me happy."

"Then I"ll be happy also," I say, in what can be my last words ever spoken as a male.

Just what on earth have I obtained myself in for? I doubt the majority of husbands would certainly take into consideration this, however it"s too late to earlier out now. To be hoswarm, I am kinda looking forward to it. This can be an interesting new endure for both of us, and also I"m curious to watch in what means her wish will certainly perform to me.

I have actually currently gotten undressed, and also I stand there, cold and also breakable in my boxer briefs, simply waiting to become what she wants to adjust me into.

She gives one final wave of the wand also and also reaches roughly to tap me on the shoulder.


I feel a tingle as the magic spreads throughout my body.

"Is it w...o...rking?” I say, answering my very own question as my voice shifts into pitches I haven"t been able to reach because puberty. "Gosh!"

"See for yourself," she states, picking up the mirror from her dressing table and also holding it out in front of me.

Immediately I watch my reflection"s confront change. The fringe of hair grows previous my eyes, and also the rest of it is long enough currently that it"s tickling the earlier of my neck.

I look back at her and also notification my change in height. Whereas previously she was an inch shorter than me, I am now simply as tall as her, and continuing to shrink.

My attention is quickly turned to my chest as my nipples twinge prefer crazy. The skin behind them swells and starts to rotate red, as my confront in the mirror transforms a comparable shade.

"Don"t problem babe, it"s just momentary."

What does she mean? I presume that by that she is referring to the pain.

I look down and also already my boxer briefs have turned themselves into panties, which are simply now finishing their transdevelopment by turning pink. I grin a tiny since the believed of wearing ladies" underwear makes me feel a small naughty, and also doubly so once a bra materializes on my chest in the exact same pale pink, encshedding my developing breasts.

I notice now how slim and dainty my chest has come to be. My breasts have actually grvery own to at least a B cup size, and also are a snug fit for the bra, confirming to us that I am indeed female.

"Sweet!" I say, posing a little for the mirror.

My hair at this point has quit prospering and also has shaped itself into a stylishly cute bob, which I fairly prefer.

My wife currently is significantly taller than I am as I discover myself shrinking by the second. I can not be a lot more than 5 feet now and also proceeding to shrink. God only knows why her wish would certainly do this. Maybe she has a preference for petite women.

My bra feels all of a sudden very loose on me. It appears my breasts are no much longer huge sufficient to fill it. No sooner than they"d reached their last dimension, they adjust their mind and also sink back into me. This can"t be right, I think. But her magic should recognize what it is doing.

My hips, which were easily the widest component of me until a couple of secs earlier, additionally begin to shrink inward at the exact same time. My legs and also torso both lose a bit of their chub. And my hands are absolutely tiny.


"It"s okay, sweetie,"

Somepoint pink appears from thin air and also drapes itself over my shoulders, spanning up the bra. It shows up to be a button-down blousage or pajama optimal. As if powerless to withstand, my arms go via the sleeves. It fits me, probably also a little too tightly for also my shrinking figure. It looks choose could be created a boy.

That is once it occurs to me: she is turning me into a kid.

With one tiny hand, I fumble through the collar of the blouse in a half-hearted attempt to remove the garment, however it is clear enough that it"s not coming off. The buttons fasten themselves one by one, encshedding my shrinking torso in a veil of pink cotton.

I feel the bra beneath it swiftly reforming as a vest, coating my top body in another layer of softness.

Her breasts are at my eye level currently, and also the ground feels very cshed to me. This is the extent to which I have actually shrunk. My legs are in proportion via the rest of my body, which is to say they are absolutely tiny.

At that moment, the shrinking stops, so abruptly that I practically falmost everywhere. Then a pair of bbest pink pajama pants appear from nowright here approximately my legs, completing the look.

I stare into the mirror when even more to watch the cherubic challenge of a small girl staring ago at me.


"Cool! I"m a kid!" I say. Her lips move at the exact same time as mine relocate to develop those exact same precise words.

She is adorable. I virtually desire to wrap my arms approximately her and also smommy her chubby little cheeks with kisses. That would be quite hard though, as the owner of that confront is me. I am in between 6 and also 8 years old now and also looking like the image of childfavor innocence.

Still blushing, through a cheesy grin on my face, I lift up one hand and also enthusiastically wave at myself.

Before I can pull a collection of funny faces at the one staying adult in the room, I look back in the mirror and also alert something starray about my hair as soon as she kneels dvery own alongside me. It is still in the very same cute bobbed style, just currently it is a shade or 2 lighter - nearly the very same shade as hers.

"Wait. Are you my mom now?"

She nods, placing a hand also on my shoulder and squeezing me gently.

Looking closely, I have the right to check out that tright here are tears in her eyes.

All those disagreements we had around conceiving. I know now how much she wanted youngsters bereason she was willing to use her one wish to turn me right into one.

"Are you"re sure you"re okay via this?" she asks

"Yeah!" I say, surprised at how enthusiastic I sound.

My brand-new mommy leans over and wraps me in a hug.

"You have no principle just how happy that provides me!" she says. "And also though you"re not my husband also, do not ever think that I"ll love you much less. Now you"re my daughter, I"m going to love you forever and ever!"

The hug we share really does seem to go on forever.

After a while, she pulls herself up to her complete elevation and stands a good two feet taller than me.

She is still wearing her unbuttoned shirt and also undies from as soon as we were taking each other"s apparel off earlier. In hindsight, it feels embarrassing to think we did that together. I don"t also desire to think of some of the various other stuff we"ve done.

Her body looks different from the ways I"ve seen it before. Though it hadn"t physically adjusted, I start to realize this is because I no much longer see her as a sexy lady. Why could this be? Could it be bereason my mind has shifted to make me love her as a mom?

The old me would have actually had actually some appointments about that, yet I"m just so glad that she did this. The assumed of being loved and also cared for makes me feel warmth inside, and also I"m simply so happy to love her ago. And unlike the method we loved each other prior to, the love feels unconditional. I do not ever think mother would leave me currently.

Oh god, I really am founding to think of her as my mother!

She picks up the magic wand aget and also points it at herself.

"All best then, currently it"s your rotate," she says. "Make a wish, baby!"

Before we did this, I was trying to think of the points I"d change about her. But those were all points that the old me wanted, the adult who I no much longer am. So what should I wish for instead?

Almany instantly a new wish pertains to mind. It would certainly be a really massive wish for someone to make, but the more I think around it, the even more I seem to want it. And I provided to really hate being the youngest boy when I was younger. But now I understand my girlhood does not need to be the same as my boyhood. And if she wants it as well, the magic will make it occur.

"I wish..."

She shushes me via a finger and says:

"Wait, do not tell me! I desire it to be a surpincrease."

Without another word, the wand also tip starts to glow. Mom taps it twice on her own head and also waits for the transdevelopment to start.


Almost instantly, her shirt disappears. Her breasts begin to shake as they prosper a secondary cup dimension.

Her mouth drops open up in response.

"You dirty girl!" she states. I look around guiltily.

"That"s not what I wished for!" I say as her waist gets larger, and also her slim hips thrive to monstrous prosections. This wasn"t component of the wish... or was it?

Then I realize her having wide hips would make it straightforward as possible to push it out without hurting, and also component of my wish was for it not to hurt too much in the hospital.

"Then what did you..." she begins. But I stay quiet bereason she did want it to be a surprise.

At that moment, the room goes silent and I feel a mystical visibility enter my mom"s body. That is as soon as I recognize that I have actually acquired my wish. I think that mother feels it also, and she too is mindful what"s going on.

Her breasts proceed to flourish, partly as a means to create milk, and partly because she is obtaining weight anywhere. But a much more profound change is happening within her stomach.

It broadens, slowly at first. But like a balloon being gently inflated, it proceeds to grow bigger and also rounder via each passing second. The skin becomes stretched-out and taut, without a single stretch note. I gaze in awe at the still-flourishing belly because I have actually just observed the production of life. It is the a lot of beautiful thing I"ve ever seen, not to point out that it is happening to the a lot of beautiful womale in the civilization.

Even with stretch marks, she"d still be beautiful to me. Even if she were a 40-year-old woman with cellulite, I wouldn"t love her any type of much less because her being my mother provides her beautiful no issue what.

And going by the expression on her challenge, I think she knows precisely what I wimelted for.

A few more transforms take area to make her more "mommyish" in appearance. First, her hair reformats itself via an even fringe at the front, coming to be thick and bushy at the ago. Her call lenses disshow up in favor of wide round spectacles. She squints and examines herself in the mirror, seeming to accept these changes with grace, even though we recognize they make her look older.

Her belly looks complete to bursting and also still, it is continuing to prosper bigger.

At the moment when her body is almost as huge as it needs to be, a silky white garment weaves itself from thin air and also wraps approximately her belly and upper torso. It appears to be a nightgown with red trim and polka dots on the bust and also a cute red bow that sits in between her breasts. Very mommyish, I think.

It is way too brief for her at first, though it soon grows to cover more of her legs. And as shortly as that is done, the transdevelopment stops. My previous wife is now my mommy, soon to be a mommy of 2. She drops the wand and also raises a hand also to rub her tummy.


"Oh baby, it"s whatever I can have wanted," she states, smiling serenely.

She is possibly a few years older than before, though not as much as 40, via the beginnings of cellulite in her thighs, though my feelings around her looks haven"t readjusted one little bit.

I start to wonder to myself why she got older, though I think I might recognize. I look back to what my adult self sassist in our last debate as guy and also wife. He shelp he didn"t think she was mature enough to have youngsters, and also she shouldn"t get pregnant till she was a few years older. Guess he lastly got what he wanted.

I feel negative for taking some years off her life, though I"m sure we both think it was worth it. The magic wouldn"t have worked if we didn"t.

Putting my adult self out of mind as my mom takes my hand also, I lean in closer. I hear her heartbeat as I lean in to hug her and also rest my head upon her chest. I love just how soft and also cushiony she"s come to be. She holds me tightly, however not as well tight, prefer someone through suffer of holding a young child. And if it means I obtain to hug her every day for the following ten years, I recognize it will certainly have actually been worth it.

"I love you, mommy!" I say bereason no one"s said it yet.

"Oh sweetheart, I love you too!" she states, and kisses me on the height of my head. "Thanks for wishing me this way."

"Aw mommy, you"re the best!"

A few seconds after she breaks from the hug, her challenge unexpectedly lights up again through joy and also adoration. I wonder what it is, however she shortly tells me.

"Sweetie, I just felt her kicking."

Her. So the baby is going to be a girl then. As with me.

"Can I feel it?"

She puts her hand on her belly and I put mine beside hers. I don"t feel anything, however I simply store holding my hand tbelow, loving the feeling of closeness in between us.


"Well, she was doing it until simply a moment back..." she says.

"How carry out you recognize it"s a girl, mommy?" I ask.

"I think the wish made me know. It"s most likely readjusted a few various other things. Let"s take a look."

Sure enough, we find that the spare room has actually been decorated as a nursery. The walls are now painted pink, which I think is now my favorite shade, also though it wasn"t constantly.

The spare bed is still in the edge, which I presume is going to be my bed from currently on.

"It"s just momentary," she claims. "We"ll get you your very own room when the baby"s born."

"Thanks, mommy," I say, "although I wouldn"t mind sharing for currently."

Mommy tells me I will not be thinking that way when the baby is crying out for attention in the middle of the night. But I am still keen to assist her in any way I deserve to.

Either way, it"s obtaining late, and also since we are both already dressed for bed, she and I decide to say goodnight. I virtually obtain into her bed by pressure of halittle, however she assures me I do not desire to sleep with her anyeven more.

In a drawer, she finds among her very own childhood teddy bears, which she provides to me as a gift, plus some soft pink blankets she doesn"t remember buying, which I think were produced by among our wishes. Now I"m armed with blankets and also a teddy bear, my mommy reads me a story, then tucks me into my very own bed. Before leaving the room, she kisses me on the forehead and says:

"Goodnight sweetheart."

"Night night," I say.

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I close my eyes, thinking about my next day of college, and also as soon as I"ll obtain to tell people around my new baby sister. It isn"t lengthy prior to I pass into deep sleep and also sweet dreams.