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"I lift things up and also put them down" is a video clip meme spanalysis throughout youtube, featuring a expression from a recent Planet Fitness advertisement.

The ad attributes a Planet Fitness instructor showing a dim-witted bodybuilder about among it"s stores.When doubted on his profession, the bodybuilder proclintends "I lift points up and put them dvery own.", and continues to perform so when presented the assorted tools easily accessible to gym members, till he is tricked right into leaving (not without one more "I lift things up and put them down" of course).

Starting through a video clip of a a tiny boy repeating the phrase, numerous civilization videotaped and posted their very own repetitions of the expression on youtube, and also a couple of remixes.

The phrase it making it"s method roughly the message boards, and also there"s even a webwebsite dedicated to the phrase:

There"s a YTMND

Original ad:

Oblagatory Sparta Mix:

Cute kid:

Some kind of animated cat:

Many kind of more examples to be had actually, just search Youtube.

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