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"tright here he was simply waiting,In our old familiar placean empty spot alongside him,wright here when I offered to waitTo be filled via toughness and also wisdomfor the battles of the dayI would have passed him by againIf I didn"t hear him sayI miss my time through youThose moments togetherI have to be through you each dayand also it hurt"s me once you sayyou"re also busybusy trying to serve meyet how can you serve meWhen your spirit"s emptythere"s a longing in my heartwanting more than just a part of youit"s trueI miss out on my time via youWhat do I need to offerhow can I truly caremy initiatives have no meaningwhen your visibility isn, t therehowever you will certainly carry out the powerif I take time to prayi"ll continue to be ideal below next to himand also you will never have to say..(chorus)"
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