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which kids" show did this song came from? (template song, tv present, cast)
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ugh, this has actually been driving me crazy for over a month! I have this song stuck in my head, however I can not also remember all of the lyrics or from what present I"ve heard it from. I"m pretty sure it was a children"s show, and pretty certain it wasn"t an animated display. here are the (very butchered) lyrics I can remember:I love you in the morning,and in the afternoonI love you in the eveningunderneath the moonzippity doop execute carry out do doI love youdoop dee dough, even as I form it out, it renders no feeling to me, however I can not get the tune out of my head!!! anyone have any kind of guesses wbelow this song might have actually come from (if it helps, I"m in my mid 20"s so the show was likely mid 80"s-early on 90"s)?

The Elephant Show, if I remember appropriate it was on Nickelodeon. Sharon Bram and Lois were the hosts. It was one of my kids favorite mirrors.
I think it was "skinnamarinky dinky dink, skinnamarinky doo I love you"! Those words are permanently melted into my head. How I hated that stupid elephant present as soon as I had to babysit in high school!!!!
ahh, it"s all coming ago to me now!!!!as quickly as you said it Mookster, I remembered that you were right, it was skinnamarink. I can have actually sworn this song was from that present w/ the creepy oselection headed guy (Puff n stuff, if I"m remembering correctly). I"m acquiring all these shows combined up in my head I was reading that "your favorite childhood shows" thread and also started reminiscing around all these shows. tbelow was many singing on those reflects earlier then and the template songs seem to stick out more than the actual episode (I can"t remember a lot around the Elephant display, and the only point I remember from Puff n Stuff is Witchie Poo)yup, now that song is permanently stuck in my mind (at leastern I don"t have actually the "Reading Rainbow" song stuck in my head anymore. oh wait, nevermind).

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they offered to sing that song at my son"s preschool! he is currently 19!!! i think it came from sesame street.
never before checked out that present, yet I constantly have "pinwheel pinwheel spinning around. Look at my pinwheel and also see what I found"from the beforehand 80"s once Nickelodeon was first dubbed Pinwheel
It"s OK, I execute too!Sharon, Lois, and also Bram were my first concert as soon as I was 2 years old! I"m 20 and also still remember episodes, the song, and also the hand also motions!
which kids" display did this song came from?I additionally have this strange song in my head from some children’s display (don’t remember the name of it). Maybe early on eighties? I vaguely remember a bunch of teenagers muli-social actors raping and singing about education and learning. I don’t remember the totality cast yet I execute remember this one fat babsence dude and one skinny black dude raping. Then I remember this starray song at the finish of the credits… somepoint choose, You are all the world… you are what you say and also do… I can’t remember the remainder of the words, just the melody. Please help!
Don"t feel poor, browneyedgurl, I"m 55 and also the songs of the tv mirrors of the 50"s are still in my head. I do not think they will certainly ever go amethod. That"s why it gets so a lot harder to learn as soon as you acquire older. The brain is like a sponge and also absorbs so much as soon as we are young. 30 years from now you can feel giddy once you reminise via others your age about these "trivial" things you remember. We babyboomers have fun with it, do not we gang???

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