A remix of the Etheactual and also Playboi Carti September 2015 track “Beef,” the track “Beef FloMix” was Moblie, Alabama rapper Flo Milli’s breakout single that pushed her into… Read More 

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HahFlo Milli shit, bitchI prefer cash and my hair to my ass (I do)Do the dash, can you make it go fast? (Go, go)Fuck the fame, all I desire is them bands (Money)If she save on muggin', I'ma steal her man (I acquired him)He watchin' my habits 'reason he understand I'm badPussy put a spell on him, he in a trance (Damn)I perform what I please and you perform what I ask (Haha)He love my confidence and also that's what you absence (You love it)If you think I'm stealin' swag, bitch, come and sue me (Sue me)They watch me choose I'm a new movie (A movie)His baby mother is my groupie (Yeah)We acquired the club going up on a Tuesday (Go, go)Like an OMG girl, I'm a beauty (Beauty)If it don't go my method, I get moody (Moody)Nigga, flexin' on you is my duty (Duty)I’m the huge dawg, my nickname is ScoobyWho acquired beef through me? (I don't know)Girl, you don't wanna competeI'm as well quick on my feet (Yes, you don't)And you understand wright here I beMaking you mad is my specialtyI'm the petty queenI require you to have a seat (Bye)My dad will certainly drill you like a cavity (Cavity)And he won't let you in on his strategyBetter think twice as soon as you come for our household (Ho)Honey, you're gonna reason a fatality (You out of here)Can't execute no damaged ho, they offer me allergies (Ew)But I understand they love my personality (Yeah)Maybe 'cause I acquired a nigga mentalityI’m tryna make a million my salary (Money)I might've took a LBut I'm pretty certain nobody could tell (I'm up, I'm up)It took me a while to come up out my shell (It did)At least I can say I did it with no help

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Bitch, I'm a lil' savage, I prefer to rebelGuess my mama don’t prefer it, she store increasing hellThey recognize I'm the shit, I wonder if I smellYou can't take nothin' from me 'cause this what I builtHe say he recognize me yet it don't ring a bellNigga I'm not buying the dream that you market (Woah)And if you betray me, then you took a L (Woah, woah)My pockets fat like that ass on K. Michelle, damn (Michelle)Who got beef? (Who obtained it?)I'm tryna uncover somepoint to eatIf she the opp, then bring her to meI don't provide a fuck about her name in these highways (Sit down)Ain't no runnin' up on meBitch, I'm guarded favor I'm an ObamaIf they hit you, you gon' need your mama (Baow, baow)They gained warmth, I ain't talkin' no saunaLil' ho, you don't want no drama (Drama, drama)(Drama)