Summary: Chapter 15

Mrs. Bertha Flowers, whom Maya reveres as the “aristocratof Black Stamps,” plans to take Maya under her wing and also prod herout of her silence. She invites Maya to her residence and also offers hersome books and also tells her to check out them aloud. Maya delights to findthat Mrs. Flowers has actually made cookies specifically for her. After reading aloudand also impressing Maya with her abilities, Mrs. Flowers assigns Mayathe job of memorizing a poem to remention in the time of her next visit.

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Maya returns exuberantly to the Store with the booksand also a bag of cookies for Bailey. Finally making use of her voice, Maya announcesthat Mrs. Flowers baked some cookies for Bailey. However, Momma fliesright into a rage and whips Maya because she offered a phrase that Mommaobscurely uncovered offensive to God.

Analysis: Chapters 11–15

Whereas in previous chapters, Maya practically begins to appreciate andprosper within her surroundings in St. Louis, her guilt-ridden responseto Mr. Freeman’s sex-related moleterminal reveals that she has not adjustedwell to her parental abandonment and also life of isolation. Mr. Freemantakes advantage of Maya bereason she has never before skilled a lot physicalcontact or affection, and also she confoffers Mr. Freeman’s exploitativehabits through the physical attention she has yet to obtain as akid. Maya’s require for physical call confsupplies the incident inher mind so a lot that she interprets Mr. Freeman’s danger to killBailey as an indication that she has actually done somepoint wrong,although she cannot say what.

Mr. Freeman additionally takes benefit of Maya’s caring personality, especiallyher tendency to treatment for people in comparable positions of neglectand pain. Perhaps trying to foreshadow the rape, Maya mirrors thatshe invested a lot time observing Mr. Freemale as he pathetically awaitedVivian’s return in the evenings. Maya notes that Mr. Freemale hasbreasts like deflated female breasts and just how she feels sorry forhim. After the 2 sepaprice incidences of sex-related moleterminal, Mr.Freemale ignores Maya for weeks, augmenting her feelings of rejectionand guilt.

Even though Maya better isolates herself in the library,the books carry out more good than injury. On the one hand, Maya’s favorite storiesand fairy-tales teach her the culturally welcomed notion that womencannot be heroes, leading to her to wish that she could be male.Nevertheless, Maya ceases to want or need Mr. Freeman’s attentionbecause books carry out her with companionship. When Mr. Freemale rapesher, he offers the need for affection she previously expressed toblame her for his abprovides. When she expresses reluctance to comealmost everywhere near him, he accuses her of enjoying being near him before.

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Maya highlights the idea that even though blacks sufferfrom racism and oppression, they remajor people who have the right to inflictexperiencing on other civilization. It is extremely probable that some of theBaxter family’s associates in the criminal underground—if not Maya’s unclesthemselves—eliminated Mr. Freeman. When the policemale casually reportsthat Mr. Freeman has been beaten to fatality, Grandmom Baxter tellsthe youngsters never before to mention Mr. Freeman’s name or what they haveheard around his fatality. Afterward, Maya’s family viciously chastisesher for being silent.

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