I Just Want To Be Myself

Years earlier I uncovered myself staring at the wall over my desk. People outside my office ran by, stressed and also eager to please their administration, dressed by the code and walking the talk.My employer at the moment was a financial institute where I was hired as ‘Marketing Manager Web Related Products’. Only three years previously had I quit my career as a Snowboarding experienced and below I discovered myself being rather an odd character in an atmosphere consisting of people who assumed more about how to acquire a raise than actually doing what they wanted. Grey. That’s just how I would certainly define that location.I put my pen to a document and wrote ‘I just desire to be myself’ and then nailed it to that grey wall.

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People quit by my desk later on that day and also asked, “what?!” and I answered – I simply desire to be myself, carry out the things I love and seek my passions in life. I don’t want to dress in a suit and also tie simply bereason that’s how your supposed to dress. I want to wear a suit cause I prefer it. That’s what its all about, staying ‘me’. Shortly after I left for a task through 1000€ much less a month, no agency vehicle or other freebies. Just a fun job!

Stay true to yourselvesNow years later on I’m right here. I’m doing what I love every day. I’m pursuing my passions. I’m functioning via great world, good clients and I control eextremely minute of my day.People that know me from means earlier don’t really understand what I execute for a living. Even members of my family can’t really define to other civilization what I actually do. When my youngsters ask me “Dad, what execute you do for a living” even I have actually a hard time explaining. My answer is – “I’m drawing things, making up stories, produce concepts, fix troubles, teach civilization around the future and I’m having fun while doing it”.I’ll never prosper old. I’ll never before speak being curious. I’ll never stop loving what I do. I’ll never before stop being me.That’s my promise. To myself.What’s your promise, from individual or a brand also allude of view?

Former snowboard pro. Now passionate surfer & worldwide citizen based (& born) in Swe + speaker | entrepreneur | branding | designer & founder of BEU Watches and BAUX and also ROST Studio

Johan jiyuushikan.org is widely related to as one of Sweden’s leading speakers and authorities in the field of modern artistic and also conceptual reasoning and skill of innovating brands and also their communication.

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