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1  verb 
If you desire to understand what a word, code, signal, or gesture suggests, you desire to understand what it refers to or what its message is. no cont In contemporary Welsh, `glas" means `blue"...  V n The red signal implies you have the right to shoot.  V that 
2  verb 
If you ask someone what they mean , you are asking them to explain exactly what or that they are referring to or what they are intending to say.  no cont Do you expect me?...  V n I think he implies that he does not desire this marital relationship to revolve out prefer his friend"s.  V that 
3  verb 
If somepoint indicates somepoint to you, it is important to you in some method. no cont The concept that she experienced this shameful occurrence meant nopoint to him...  V amount to n It would suppose a lot to them to win.  it V amount to-inf, Also V amount 
4  verb 
If one point means another, it reflects that the second thing exists or is true. no cont An enlarged prostate does not necessarily intend cancer...  V n Just bereason he has actually a beard doesn"t necessarily suppose he"s a hippy.  V that 
5  verb 
If one thing implies another, the initially point leads to the second thing happening. no cont It would certainly practically certainly expect the end of NATO...  V n The readjust will certainly intend that the nation no longer has complete diplomatic relations with various other says.  V that 
6  verb 
If doing one point suggests doing another, it involves doing the second point. Managing well means communicating well.  V -ing 
7  verb 
If you say that you mean  what you are saying, you are informing someone that you are major around it and also are not joking, exaggerating, or just being polite.  no cont He states you"re fired if you"re not back at job-related on Friday. And I think he meant it...  V n 
8  verb 
If you say that someone meantto execute something, you are saying that they did it deliberately. no cont (=intend) I didn"t mean to hurt you...  V to-inf I have the right to see why you thought my letters were threatening but I never before supposed them to be.  V n to-inf 
9  verb 
If you say that someone did notmean any kind of injury, offence, or disrespect, you are saying that they did not intfinish to upcollection or offend human being or to reason troubles, also though they may in fact have done so.  no cont, via brd-neg (=intend) I"m certain he didn"t intend any kind of damage...  V n 
10  verb 
If you mean to carry out somepoint, you intfinish or arrangement to do it.  no cont (=intend) Summer is the perfect time to capture up on the brand-new books you expected to read...  V to-inf 
11  verb 
If you say that somepoint was meantto happen, you think that it was made to take place by God or fate, and also did not just take place by opportunity. usu passive, no cont John was constantly reassuring me that we were supposed to be together.  be V-ed to-inf 
12 You say `I mean" once making clearer something that you have just said. SPOKEN ♦I mean 
 phrase PHR through cl It was his idea. Gordon"s, I expect...  
13 You can usage `I mean" to introduce a statement, specifically one that justifies something that you have actually just shelp. SPOKEN ♦I mean 
 phrase PHR through cl I"m sure he wouldn"t mind. I suppose, I was the one who asked him...  
14 You say I expect when correcting something that you have just sassist. SPOKEN ♦I mean 
 phrase PHR with cl It was law or classicsI mean English or classics.  
15 If you know what it indicates to perform something, you recognize every little thing that is connected in a certain task or suffer, specifically the impact that it has on you. ♦understand what it implies to perform sth/know what sth means 
 phrase Vs inflect, oft PHR to-inf I recognize what it suggests to shed a boy under such tragic scenarios.  
16 If a name, word, or phrase implies somepoint to you, you have heard it prior to and also you understand what it refers to. ♦mean somepoint to sb 
 phrase V inflects, PHR n `Oh, Gairdner," he said, as if that intended somepoint to him...  
17 If you say that someone indicates well, you intend they are trying to be type and helpful, also though they can be leading to someone difficulties or upsetting them. ♦mean well 
 phrase V inflects I understand you mean well, however I deserve to manage by myself.  
18 You use `you mean" in a question to inspect that you have construed what someone has actually said. ♦you mean 
 phrase PHR through cl What accident? You suppose Christina"s?..., `What if I had shelp no?" `About the apartment, you mean?"  
19  → meaning 
 → means  → meant  → to mean business  → business  → if you recognize what I mean  → know 

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