me please if there is any distinction in interpretation in the adhering to sentences.

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The teacher told me that I would pass the test, but I don"t understand that I deserve to.

The teacher told me that I would certainly pass the test, yet I don"t recognize if I can.


There isn't really any distinction in definition. Both sentences say that you are not certain whether or not you have the right to pass the test. We tfinish to usage that when we are talking about somepoint that has been taken to be true in the background. It cold be something that the perboy you are speaking to has said, or somepoint that you would certainly generally expect to be true. For instance, if you are buying something and the assistant claims I'll inspect we have actually it in stock, this suggests he thinks they execute have actually it in stock, whereas I'll examine if we have it in stock wouldn't suggest anypoint...
in your sentence (by the method it have to be my teacher told ME that... or my teacher shelp that...) you are saying that you don't know, so the factor for making use of that might just be to describe the truth that it has been shelp... but since you've simply sassist it yourself, this doesn't include or readjust anything, and the meaning is simply the very same as through if.

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I don't know the difference in between two expression 'envelope provided' and 'offered envelope

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