I heard this word on some TV show and also i have been trying to find its meaning(but they weren"t of assist much). Could someone please tell me ?


The phrase could usage a friend indicates that the described perkid is either in trouble or exceptionally unhappy.

When declared about oneself, it is usually a gentle research for a show of affection or assistance, frequently addressed to someone that is currently the friend of the speaker. It is sometimes akin to the expression I might usage a hug (meaning please comfort me).

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When addressed to another, it is an acknowledgement of the challenges or sadness of the perkid addressed. It is normally intended to indicate and also I will certainly be that friend.

Occasionally, it is intended to startle someone into altering their tone and accepting help. Your self-devastating and alienating behavior is going to wreck your life! You can usage a friend. Speak pushing me away.

In the phrase, the verb use implies have usage for. In a sense, it does expect take benefit of but just in the sense of utilize quite than take unfair benefit of.

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answered Mar 26 "14 at 13:14

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If someone "can usage a friend", it implies that they would benefit from having actually the cshed companionship of friendship, oftentimes bereason they are regarded as being lonely or going via a complicated time. It is commonly a kindhearted, well-interpretation (nice) thing to say about someone.

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answered Mar 26 "14 at 7:29

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I analyze it as the person saying the phrase, would like some help in the provided instance and also would regard the perchild providing a helping hand as a friend.

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answered Mar 26 "14 at 8:15

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"can use a X" is an Amerihave the right to jiyuushikan.org idiom

"might carry out with a X" is the the British version

They both expect "would certainly benefit from an X".

"I could use a friend"

"I could execute via a friend"

"I would benefit from a friend.

The above are all tantamount.

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